By: Matthew Robertson

As someone relatively new to Cape Town, I often find myself (with a bit of help) discovering new nooks and crannies that I was, up until now, completely unaware of. Don’t get me wrong, Cape Town knows just how to put on a good show (when she thinks someone’s watching), but every now and again there is a discreet little gem that sticks its head up.

The most recently discovered, of these gems, came to me in the form of a dinner invitation. Mr Ian Alexander invites you to Gold Restaurant “in celebration of our new menu.” I’d never heard of Gold Restaurant, nor had I ever heard of a 14 (yes, fourteen) course meal!


Arriving at 18:30 sharp, and welcomed with a glass of gold-flaked champagne, we were ushered into the performance area where guests were treated to a 30-minute drumming session. The hilarious drum masters guided us through a few of their routines and managed to get each guest to drum along, in time, with their performance (an incredible feat, if you’d seen some of the audience).

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Hands washed and glasses refilled, we made our way towards the dinning room and met the other guests who would be joining us for dinner. Mulenga, our brilliant Zambian waitress, explained to us that each of the 14 courses had been sourced from different regions from all across the African continent. Each was expertly prepared and while delicious on their own, were perfectly paired to provide a tasty, rich snapshot of the culinary variety our continent is home to. Personal favourite course of the evening: it had to be a tie between the Congolese spinach and the Ghanaian groundnut chicken.

Housed in the massive venue that was once Trinity nightclub, Gold Restaurant is home to a staff of incredibly diverse backgrounds. People from all over Africa have found their way to Gold, each carrying their own story and heritage with them. In a time where foreigners, and our own cultural diversity, are under attack, it is incredibly reassuring to see a group of people, from vastly different walks of life, coming together to be celebrated for their unique differences and ancestries. Not only does Gold remind me why I’m proud to be African, but it reminds us of our astounding cultural variety in the most spectacular of ways.

Many empty plates, 7 very full tummies, 5 hours of wonderful company, and a couple (read: many) of bottles of wine later, it was time to head home. Thank you to Ian and the rest of his team for a truly wonderful evening. Gold Restaurant is a definite must for anyone looking for a remarkable adventure through some of Africa’s most popular cuisine.

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