By: Sandy Nene

It’s Mother’ Day weekend and we are excited about our partnership with GOLD Restaurant. Two of our lucky readers can WIN a dinner for two, this Mother’s Day.

How To WIN:

  1. Comment telling us what makes your mom or that woman you want to spoil special.

Competition closes on Friday 12pm



  1. My amazing mom is homeschooling my daughter while I launch my own business. Gold? Look no further. Am so blessed to have her in my life.

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  2. My mom is special because she is gracious, happy, strong and loving. Like all Moms, she gives of herself selflessly.

    I would really love to have dinner at the Gold restaurant and the entertainment sounds AMAZING too! I know my Mom would love it (and me too).

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  3. My Mom is not only my Mom – she’s my friend, the best granny to my kids and the glue that keeps our family together. How awesome would it be to treat Mom to a lovely family dinner 🙂

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  4. I’m thankful for a wife like mine, no one could ever take her place. A heart like her’s for those in need is a thing one can’t replace. No man could ever be as lucky as I am to has a wife like mine who is always there for me through all the good times and bad. She has given me a beautiful son and I’m am thankful every day to have been blessed with her in my life. Also she put’s up with my nonsense and plays computer games with me which is awesome!!

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  5. My Mother most amazing gift God has given Me.She is special bcos ther is no1 like he , she is irreplaceble, she gave me and siblings the best sh never had.She is always ther no matter what ,she have a heart of Gold sh will share from th little sh had even if sh don’t get sh don’t complain.She is a loving surpportive Believer with faith and an amazing woman to so many others.She is my bestie and I’m blessed to be her daughter <3

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  6. I would love to spoil her bcause she never ask anything and this will be a huge suprise Mothers Day Gift that she never will 4get.I can’t afford to take Mom to a restuarant thank u. For a chance 🙂

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  7. My Mom – She is more than a pillar, she is like a favourite pillow or cuddly toy – you know where to turn to for some warmth, comfort and reassurance.

    A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five
    people, promptly announces she never did care for pie

    The key is also to celebrate and honour your mother whilst you still can,
    therefore I would looove to take advantage of this opportunity to enter this competition to show her what she means to me.

    I used to say that I was the apple and my mom was the tree, and I certainly
    didn’t fall very far. But that’s not entirely accurate. If my mom is the tree, then I’m the bird that grew up in its branches.

    She protected me and showed me that, even on the highest of branches, there was nothing to be afraid of. She encouraged me to explore and gave me a solid foundation to come home to. I didn’t fall from her. I flew because of her.

    She’s always pushes me and never pulled me down…

    She always wants to help in things I do or want to do…

    This would be perfect just to show her my gratitude for all she’s done for me!

    Whilst most of us could never really thank our moms entirely for everything they have done for us, in only one gift a year.
    This competition would be but a small token of thanks for the endless beauty she has represented in your life, a small yet thoughtful gesture, for the tears, her joys, her pains, the many times she has been there when our lives fell apart at the seams, the way she helped us pick the pieces, without asking for anything in return. The eternal love, no matter what we have done.
    Moms are the compass for our families; they provide the nurturing and comfort that will keep you strong for the rest of your life, and echo into your children’s lives, and their children

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  8. What makes my mom special? How can one put into words what mothers bring to our lives?

    She made me the man I am today and I take great pride in that, she may not be world wise but her morals and sense of right allowed me to see the world through a righteous lens. When the world turned it’s back on me her arms were always open, giving when she had nothing, praising and building me up when everybody else was trying to break me down.

    These are just some of the qualities that make my mom my lighthouse in the storm…

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  9. I can close to loosing my mom 3 years ago when she fought and won her battle with cancer and since then I vowed to never take her for granted would love to spoil her

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  10. My mother is very unconventional. Unconventionally amazing . She is the only person that I have known for the duration of my existence and despite life’s hurdles she has always organised that I have the best of the best. She is the funniest, most hard working best friend I could ask for, simply put. I would love to treat her a little, as she is still paying our dinner date bills this would definitely put a smile on her dial. PS, As her bestie I can testify that she loves food.
    Even if i don’t win, I still have a pretty fantastic mom. If I win I have a very happy fantastic mom.

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  11. What makes my special? where do I even start,She is a woman of virtue and wisdom. An independent single woman who strives and ensures the best for her 3 children.She loves me against all odds and is always there to offer me a shoulder to lean on.
    A woman who loves unconditionally and works very hard to ensure the happiness of other people before her own.
    I will love to spoil her because she is a one of a kind woman..and at times I aspire to be like her.

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  12. My mom is super awesome because with thw passing of my sister she sigle handedly takes care of my sisters kids with a huge smile on her face even when she ia sick. Iove my mom to bits because I know their is nothing that she wouldn’t do for me she has helped me out of many challenging times she is fun to be with and when she is around u feel safe.she has suffered many years to give me and my 4 sisters a loving home. I would appreciate it if ahe could win this as this will make her also know how we feel about her and she will know hoe special she is

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  13. A woman who gives her heart to every one, sincere, giving and always laughing!

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  14. My mothers humility and wisdom makes her so special. She expects nothing from us and gives everything. If I win this prize, I will bless my parents with it and look after my autistic brother so that my dad can take my mom out for a well deserved spoil. Thank you.

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  15. My Mom is a one in a million. She’s an amazing grandmother and mother to all of us. She gave up working to look after us and now she takes care of our children 🙂

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  16. My mom has been my ride or die, the one constant in my life. She’s raised both my sister and I on her own and definitely deserves to be honored for that. She has worked hard and mad many sacrifices to ensure that both my sister and my needs were always met. She does everything without without question or complaint, but instead with a warm smile on her face.

    She has conquered cancer and has stood strong amidst all adversity.

    I definitely believe that she deserves this…

    love you mommy!!!

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  17. my mom is a teacher with 40 kids in her class!!!!!!!!! She’s tired everyday and still has the energy to smile , cook and clean. she is an amazing who from GOD…. blessed and shares her wisdom daily. encouraging if GOD brought u to it he surely will bring u through.

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  18. My friend, my foe, the one who loves more and more regardless of how much it gets old; the one who helped me even though I didn’t want it and after this she is the and only my mom!

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  19. A truly amazing and inspirational women! Like many women, she has struggled many a battles and has always come out tops. She has raised 3 beautiful young ladies (including me) when she was widowed at a very young age and continues to work her fingers to the bone to give us the best of everything. Mums all over, we salute you! 🙂

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