By: Jacqui Mackway-Wilson

In this, the modern day and age of Information, we share an intense relationship with technology which may often oscillate between love and hate.  Whether you’re loving it or tearing your hair out with it though, one thing you can probably attest to is that you can’t live without it – and all it takes is a quick glance through the many #Eishkom tweets during a loadshedding session to realise you’re not the only one.

In fact, our relationship with technology is so inextricable that shopping for new tech products is almost like committing to a Significant Other.  Some of us in particular, are practically married to our devices and as the Afrikaans saying goes “Vrou kry is nie perd koop nie”, (loosely translated it means:  “Choosing a wife is not as simple as buying a horse”) and this is also true in most instances, for tech purchases.   As such, there are certain fundamentals that need to be in place to ensure the relationship is a healthy, mutually-beneficial and long-lasting one.

With this in mind, I jumped at the chance to try out the new Samsung 34-inch S34 E790CN Ultra WQHD Curved Monitor.

The result?

I think I’m in love.

First of all, as in the case of the delicate process of selecting an S.O. or rather a piece of Significant Tech Equipment, there are certain defining characteristics one should take into consideration that immediately stood out to me:


The Samsung Ultra WQHD LED Curved Monitor comes with a standard 2-year warranty, over and above this, based on the relatively few negative peer reviews the monitor has gained on sites like and the numerous positive reviews it’s received across the web, my first impression (which we all know counts!) is that this is a dependable piece of kit.  With its eco-saving  feature as well as an Energy Star 6 rating, this monitor wins my heart for being an environmentally forward-thinking design, which is always attractive. Let’s not forget that it’s also extremely user-friendly with plug-and-play capabilities that made it possible for me to get well-acquainted with it in no time at all.

(For those who by their personality, are more analytical though and require exact specifications, scientific testing and rigorous data, you may consider the additional consumption of this review.)


All work and no play apparently makes Jacqui a dull girl, which is why it’s important to have  Significant Tech Equipment that has the enticing ability to switch to Game Mode at the touch of the button.  With just this click of the switch, the Samsung Ultra WQHD LED Curved Monitor can auto detect onscreen changes, correct blurry images, enhance colours and ultimately provide the optimum immersive entertainment experience. It has a 4 (GTG)  response time – in plain English this means it takes 4 milliseconds for pixels to change from grey to grey or apparently any other colour, which is pretty darn quick! –  Add to this dual stereo built in speakers, ultra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees horizontally and vertically, the monitors’ VA (vertical alignment panels) which optimise the viewing experience from virtually any position and minimise picture distortion and you have a gamer’s nirvana.  As if this isn’t enough to get your pulse racing, the Samsung Ultra WQHD LED Curved Monitor also features PIP 2.0 technology. What’s that you ask, in breathless anticipation? It’s Picture in Picture capability which means that you can simultaneously keep an eye on the cricket while wrapping up on that mind-numbing spreadsheet which is due tomorrow. The emphasis here is on how you now can mix business with pleasure – talk about adaptability.


Let’s not beat around the bush. We are visual creatures and looks matter. There’s got to be that spark…a certain je ne sais quois that makes the heart beat a bit faster, the eyes twinkle in delight and that gives you a happy sigh just at the sight of the object of your affection. The Samsung Ultra WQHD LED Curved Monitor delivers oodles of sexiness with its sleek styling and seductive curves to suit your eyes.  Crafted with the gentle curve to reduce reflection, this full HD LED beauty is literally easy on your eyes, from every point of view.


While it may not be the kind of Significant Tech Equipment that you throw into your weekend overnight bag for an adventure, the Samsung Ultra WQHD LED Curved Monitor can be relied on to be a fixed and stable feature in your home and/or office that will continue to perform beautifully. It supports 100mmx100mm VESA standard brackets for stress-free wall or table mounting and will consistently give you years of pleasure, provided you treat her lovingly and with respect:  power down after each use and include the occasional wipe with screen-friendly hygiene wipes. You may even want to kiss her goodnight.  If your preferences, however, tend towards Significant Tech Equipment that doesn’t take up much space, you may wish to consider one of the other models in the Samsung range which you can find at a retailer near you.

To cosy up to the Samsung 34” S34 E790CN Ultra WQHD Curved Monitor will require an investment upwards of R18 500 depending on where you shop. Remember, relationships are costly, but if you choose well, the rewards far outweigh the expense.

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