By: Katchie Nzama

As an avid traveller, I have come to learn that technology is your friend in helping making your travels a lot less stressful. I have a few appsthat I always use when traveling. These apps assist me in finding accommodation, making friends to hang-out with, and knowing where to go and what to do in places I visit.

Mapp Africa

I learned of Mapp Africa while backpacking Cape to Cairo. Mapp Africa promotes Africa to Africans in Africa and the diaspora. It is all about African Music, Art, Places and people.

You are able to share your pictures with other Africans and trigger their wanderlust. You can stream videos of Africans singing and dancing but also listen to African music from various artists all over the continent.

The best part is that all the people on Mapp Africa become a community. We all become friends and that is how I was able to find a friend to host me in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The cherry on top, the more you interact on Mapp Africa, you earn points and they are always giving away tickets to various festivals around the continent to the person with the most points for that week.

I use Mapp Africa to connect with other Africans but you can also use it to promote your country. Go download Mapp Africa for free from you istore or PlayStore and come connect with the rest of us.


Couchsurfing is the best way to travel the world and never pay for accommodation. A community of budget travellers who open up their homes to other budget travellers if they have a place for you to sleep.

You don’t have to necessarily be on couchsurfing to find a couch to sleep on but you can connect with other people while in their cities or villages and they will show you around their neck of the woods.

The best part about couchsurfing is that you can get a place to crash but make new friends all over the world who will gladly show you around and teach you a thing or two about their way of life.

Everyone on couchsurfing who had ever couchsurfed or hosted someone has a review, I highly recommend you look at the reviews before requesting a couch or hosting someone on your couch.

Every month there are couchsurfing get togethers all over the world. Download the app for free and meet up with other couchsurfers.

Air BnB

I have used Air BnB only once while traveling to Mozambique. Most of my friends use it and rave about it. This App is to help you find accommodation. People have beach houses or holiday homes that are mostly unoccupied and they rent them out to travellers at a cost much lower than a hotel room and you are most likely to have the whole house to yourself.

Air BnB are very strict as there are going to be chancers out there. The moment you come across someone taking chances, forward your emails with that person to Air BnB and that person will be banned from Air BnB making sure that the app is safe for all travellers and property owners.


Most might not think Instagram is a travel app. Its probably here we go to post pictures of our outfits of the day and our men crush Mondays or those amazing cocktails at sunset.

Instagram hashtags are amazing for a traveller. They will show you what other people are doing in the place you intend to visit and what it’s like. That way you don’t have to just see it on the website where it’s most probably photoshopped but you get to see it through other travellers eyes.

These are definitely my top four apps that myself and my friends use on the regular when traveling. I hope they can assist you also in chasing your wanderlust.

Happy traveling.

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