By: Lungile Moyo

I don’t know if it’s just me, but every couple of months I go through this thing where I just want to change everything about my wardrobe. Not only do I want new clothes, I want a whole different style! I don’t know if it’s the things I see on Instagram, Pinterest or you super cool fashion bloggers hey, but now that it’s winter, that feeling is stronger than ever, and you’re lucky if you can keep me away from the malls!

I just want what you have! I’m kidding… but, there are these international bloggers that I don’t stop stalking now and again. If you have that itch like me and don’t already check them out, check them out.

Aimee Song, Song of Style 

I follow this beauty on Instagram, SnapChat and her website of course. Not only does she give me style envy when I come across her OOTD, but she speaks to my creaive side too. Her posts are not your standard fashion OOTD posts, she mixes it up a bit too AND she scouts the most beautiful locations which have me like okay I have to go there. She is also a big foodie – you wouldn’t think so just looking at her, but guys her SnapChat is full of food! So obviously I hate her too. I hate everyone who can eat THAT much and not gain weight. Either way, I still follow her.

Shea Marie, Peace, Love Shea 

I only recently started following Shea. She has such a simple, yet classy feel about her. I love her because I know if I’m trying to out rightly copy an outfit she has worn, it’s achievable. I used to hate international fashion magazines because if I wanted to go buy something I saw in the magazine I wouldn’t be able to do it, so if I bought a mag, I would stay away from the fashion sections because otherwise I’m just making myself mad. But thanks to people like Shea it feels almost possible that what she wears you can actually wear too. And it’s ALL SO BEAUTIFUL!

Folake Kuye Huntoon, Style Pantry

There is thing that I do when I want to look casual, and it’s really not my fault – but I go for the obvious pair of jeans, and try for a dress up top… long story short – fail. It does not work; I end up looking WAY TOO casual. I feel like jeans just hate me, but when I look through the Style Pantry, I get a bit of hope that one day I will get the balance right. Folake, pairs jeans with anything SO WELL, it’s encouraging. I’m always on her website when I need to see how to match a pair of jeans.

Krystal Bick, This Time Tomorrow

I love this woman’s style. Her website is interesting to visit because you’re not sure what you will get. Her clothes pairings are interesting, the colors, and the styles are quite amazing. I always think about office style when I see her stuff. I could totally see myself walking into the office in one of her outfits and making it work. I also love that she doesn’t pair every outfit with heels, I mean sometimes a girl just needs a break  – you can still look amazing in flats! I’m about that.

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Dulce, Dulce Candy

I’ve been following her for the longest time. I just love how creative she is with her outfits, and even when she repeats something it’s still so amazing to see how she has worked it in with something new. She is a beauty enthusiast too, so anyone keen on makeup tutorials can also follow her too – I don’t pay much attention to that side of her though. Makeup is a tricky thing and not everyone does the right makeup for your skin tone etc.… BUT her fashion is for everyone; at least it’s for me.

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