By: Michelle Jali

Correct me if am wrong – I strongly believe that our creative juice is fuelled by the experience we get which directs us to wanting something new and different and that is what makes us creative’s different from the rest.

I am a first year fashion student. Excited to start varsity I had plans set out on how I would utilise my time. What I would do that will keep me ahead of my peers. Initially I wanted to take my love for street style blogging to the next level, the environment I found myself in was not so accommodating to that culture. I had to come up with a different plan. Sadly my peers don’t see the necessity of interning/job shadowing since we are still at ground level and there I saw my opportunity.

Now why do I say it’s a hard life for a come-up – the South African fashion world is picking up great momentum. I’ve been keeping an eye on certain people over the past few years that I can honestly say they’ve become distant mentors/motivation to me. Now my problem comes when a young buck like me is looking in fact wanting to learn, with an open mind to grasp as much as possible tries to reach out to these people of influence and they shut you down.

Twice this year for my holiday breaks I tried to get an opportunity whereby I can intern or job shadow these great people/companies. From sending emails, Facebook inboxes and WhatsAap texts all to no avail. I had an amazing Durban based blogger by the name of Brett Robson the only person who dared to return my emails try to help, after several attempts to reach out to people on my behalf told me something so sad yet true she said ‘It seems like people are not keen on helping others’.

For one to simply email back – we are currently not taking in interns/job shadows or we are still working our way up therefore we can’t take people in would have very much been appreciated.

I form part of  a generation of great creatives, visionaries, dreamers and hustles. Turn us down, take us in we are still on our way to starting a movement that will change the game in the South African fashion industry – a platform is all we ask for. Be sure to remember that we all need a helping hand along the way.

I am Michelle Jali, a 19 year old lover of all things Fashion. I am originally from Richards Bay grew up in Durban and currently residing in JHB. I knew I was meant to be in the world of Fashion the day I fell in love with heels. I believe that this is what was placed in my hand for me to be the head and not the tail.

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