By: Michelle Jali

I always say ‘nothing beats passion’, I knew for a long time that fashion was mine but my mum wasn’t convinced .

We all have our own definition of what passion is. Mine is getting up in the middle of the night to master your craft in a space where you won’t have an audience because recognition is better than fame.

Growing up I was more on the tomboy side, there seemed no fashion future in sight for me. Food, football and television seemed way up my alley. I fell into the arms of football for about 4 years as a young girl. I played occasionally or as a hobby before I joined any team and even then I still wasn’t skilled enough. There’s no feeling as empty as the one you feel when you are told you are just not good enough, for every attempt you give it your all.

My mum blessed me with a pair of heels at 14, in that period something in me knew fashion was my calling. I’ve always had stages in my life where I was good at something for a certain period of time – nothing was ever consistent.

It wasn’t until one day that I was having a conversation with a friend that I realised and told her that I chose soccer but fashion chose me.

When we (my mum and I) finally had a serious conversation about what it is I wanted to do, she still wasn’t convinced I was made for fashion. According to her a person of passion is one that physically expresses it. She said if fashion was my passion I was suppose to show it through garments made, interest in sewing and remaking pieces.

Yes, I wasn’t my mum’s definition of passion because when I got to fashion school it hit me that I actually belong on the business side of fashion rather than the design side. So my late night dress up sessions, time spent on research has/will come in handy in my path to making it in this industry.

A wise man said to me it’s not about doing what you love, it’s about loving what you do and that’s where fulfilment comes in.

Fashion, my passion.

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