By: Vuyisani Bill

As I take a brave leap into 2016 I reflect on the year that has passed in an attempt to ready myself for the new chapter in my life. The greatest gifts our past has to offer us are always embedded in the lessons we learned from our experiences. The past provides the foundation on which our future is cemented. 

These are the lessons I learned in 2015.

On Love:

  • Taking a risk is worth it. 
  • Being open to something new something different can be refreshing and surprising. 
  • Love does not always come in the package you expect. 
  • Follow your instinct, keep in mind that not everyone will agree or support your decision and that is alright. 
  • love yourself so much it’s impossible for the other person not to love you 
  • be independent and allow your partner the same space 
  • even when its hard trust what you feel and trust your partner 
  • You will never know where a relationship is going till you get there so enjoy the journey. 
  • Be kind ALWAYS.
  • accept your differences they are meant to make you stronger not break you down
  • love fiercely everyday  
  • When it’s good it’s good stop looking for the catch.
  • Allow you partner to be who they are that is all they know how to be.

On business

  • never go into business with family 
  • do what makes you happy 
  • compromise negotiate but do not devalue the product 
  •  have faith in yourself 
  • failure is not absolute 
  • try and try again 
  • trust the journey, it’s not meant to be easy its meant to be worth it 
  • Ask for help it doesn’t make you weak. 
  • Share your ideas. 

On work – the grind/the day job/the 9-5

  • Do not allow someone else’s issues to become your issues, you do not always have to give as much as you get. 
  • they are your colleagues not your friends 
  • be friendly and helpful, do not become hard if that is not who you are 
  • watch your ego, arrogance never wins 

On Friendship

  • you will outgrow people and that is the nature of friendship 
  • just because you are friends it doesn’t mean you need to see that person all the time 
  • You are individuals so you won’t always have the same interests, goals, views or opinions.
  • It’s ok to want to be alone.
  • you do not have to support what you do not agree with 
  • your opinion doesn’t always count neither does your friends 

On family

  • they will be there always 
  • they are the only true support you have 
  • their love is boundless and limitless 
  • you do not have to get along all the time 
  • you can have different views, it doesn’t mean you do not love each other 

In 2016 I hope for the following. I hope that I am able to enjoy the changes life throws at me big and small. I hope I have faith, faith in the people in my life and faith in my journey, I hope I have faith in knowing and acknowledging that I might not be where I would like to be but I will get there. I hope for perseverance and strength in 2016. May I live a life that is authentic. May I become more accepting of my flaws, be brave enough to change what needs to be changed and fiercely safe guard the parts of me that need to be safe guarded. 

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