By: Angela Kewney

By now you all know I love coffee.. I moved to Cape Town to start my life over again after losing everything I owned. My journey has been inspiring – even inspiring myself. What I love is that I have found a new meaning to life. I have met amazing people, experienced truly beautiful trips around Cape Town and embarked on rebuilding myself and my family again from scratch. I have found therapy in my surrounds and have tried coffee all over Blouberg where I get time to contemplate and reflect on my new life.

Just a while ago, I got a great job in Melkboss where I worked for an amazing, kind hearted Attorney who helped me more than he knew when he offered me a half day job in conveyancing. After three months, I joined the Real Estate World, it was closer to home, no more MiCity bus to Melkboss and I had the flexibility to work my own hours but  – it was also by accident. Little did I know that it would bring me much enjoyment as well as meeting some truly awesome human beings.

I used to look at houses for fun on weekends growing up – with my parents. Once married, Sundays were great because there were always show houses and my husband and I loved to drive around popping in to the various show houses in different suburbs just to see how other people lived. I appreciate beautiful homes and stylish furnishings. I adore gourmet kitchens, shiny flooring and beautiful antiques – with many stories to tell.. drapes, scatter cushions and of course, magnificent views..

Luckily for me I found a new family in Durr Estates in Big Bay where each day at work is a pleasure..

Not all days run smoothly and this I soon found out when I had to start making some “cold calls”. I had never done cold calling before and of course I knew nothing about it. All I knew was that when I was called by a sales person, it used to annoy me – much! The first day I started the Principal asked me to call an entire complex and ask the owners if they were interested in selling. My heart sank and my stomach knotted. How was I possibly going to do this? Well, it was something I had to face .. as she was sitting right next to me, I thought to myself “you better make as if you have done this plenty times before .. don’t sound inane”. That first call.. I just acted like a long last friend. The callers were so pleasant that I just flew through the list in no time – feeling very proud and quite like, “wow, I just chatted to a whole complex that I used to walk past “.. “I have been involved in these peoples lives somehow”.. Lucky for me I did not got the dreaded, “who are you and who do you think you are calling me? If I want to sell my property I will call an agent myself!”..  Of course that came in time.. but generally I find Capetonians very pleasant and polite, often even quite grateful to get some advice.

From the first contact list I got an appointment to view a property. We got a sale 2 weeks later. I was quite impressed. Since then, months later, I have found that there are more pleasant and friendly people out there than rude ones. When we do come across the rude one’s we make a note of it not to call them – ever!

Of course there are some crazy funny stories I can share with you that make this job worthwhile when you are struggling to get stock or sell current stock. One of my favourites: An appointment was made by one of our agents to view a property that had a tenant in. The tenant was well aware of the arrival, perhaps she had forgotten – but she had forgotten something. She answered the door with just her top on and nothing else below! The agent of course ran back to his car and never went back.

Comically speaking some of my adventures should be captured on video, I sometimes wish I could just see it from an outsiders perspective. Perhaps a go-pro is a good idea!

I once had a viewing of a property I had keys for as the tenant was away. It was meant to be a quick viewing and it never occurred to me that things could go quite so wrong. Firstly as I arrived at the property it was pouring with rain. The remote that opened up the main gate seemed to be getting flat. I opened up for the prospective buyer, we both parked our cars outside the complex. The remote would not open up the garage door, so I had to frantically go through the other 19 keys looking for the correct one, by this stage we were both soaked. After dropping the keys a couple times and trying each one, finally – the right one was found. We get in, my buyer promptly slips down the 2 stairs and lands on his back. I of course am supposed to help him, not laugh. We go through the house, and I try and remain polite and professional only to slip on my way out breaking my sandal!  Back with the keys again, looking forward to our escape only to find that the remote will now not open the gate. With no one in sight, knocking on doors in the hope someone could open for us… no hope, no one was around. I had to call the tenant (thank goodness I purchased airtime that morning), and ask him for some help. He had to send out a friend who had a remote to come and open for us.. a nice extra half hour later. Did I sell that house to that buyer? Negative! Lucky for me he did let me take him out again. I wonder what he must have thought!

There are many wicked and wonderful moments being an Intern Agent. Being locked out of houses, or even in, waiting for buyers who don’t arrive and switch off their phones, invading people’s homes who are wanting to eat dinner. Having dogs run out and chasing them to get back in. My personal favourite, getting lost just to discover the buyer had already seen the property with another agent else.

In today’s market it is a race, a competition to get the house first, the buyer his first viewing and that race requires a lot of stamina.. who knew being an Estate Agent required so much energy..  

angela KWriting is Angela’s passion, be if food, coffee, wine or Real Estate. There always comes a time where you just want to splurge your words right? As a Foodie, Angie has copious amounts of experience and direct contact world -wide with internationally acclaimed Chefs around the globe! Angie has a following on Facebook pages of Groups she manages in excess of 12000+. Angie enjoys food and what could be better than food? – Food paired with wine of course! Luckily for Angie, she resides in the most perfect spot in the Country offering the most exquisite of grapes! Angela has a lot of connections with wine farmers across Cape Town and is always on a mission to fill that next glass.. Real Estate Agent by morning, mother of three in the afternoon and the rest of her time searching for that next best thing, that could only leave time for coffee…. And that is another altogether…

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