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The IT Girl – Nompumelelo Nkosi

Nompumelelo ‘Lelo’ Nkosi is a dynamic young lady from Sundumbili, Mandeni with an energetic and positive spirit. The 21-year-old is the founder of Girlz Network, to groom and unite girls to become leaders, ambassadors and the change that they want to see in their communities. This UKZN Medical student is also a model, dancer, promoter, presenter, an aspiring business woman and Brand Ambassador for a few companies.

She’s always been involved in beauty pageants from a young age. She is currently Miss Vibe FM, Miss Casablanca and former Miss UKZN. I swear this girl is everywhere, she has appeared on magazines, billboards and TV Ads for big brands like Aquafresh, Country Fresh, KFC and Ponds to name a few.

What made you want to go into Medicine? Has it always been your passion?

I ask myself that question like almost every day, I still don’t have the best answer. But I clearly remember that I was asked that question several times in beauty pageants when it as the top 5 when I was a child (question: what do you want to be when you grow up? I WANT TO BE A DOCTOR). So, when I was in matric I slightly undermined myself as I was not pleased with my grades from grade 11. I felt like I wouldn’t qualify for it so I deviated from it. But deep down, my parents and I knew it’s always been my passion hence when I got the offer from Medical school they reminded me of my own dreams. I love people in general and have the heart of helping them and changing lives so this field allows me to do that. I’ve always said I want to be a Real Role Model to young girls and I knew that with Medicine I’ll try reflect that through finishing the degree and through the process not change who I am and the love I had for the entertainment industry as this field is regarded as one of the most difficult fields .

So I chose this field because it’s been one of my dreams, I wanted to inspire young black girls and show that education and hard work pays off.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is the love and support my parents have for me. Their love gives me no time to let them down and their support pushes me every day to do bigger and better things and achieve more. They keep me going in every way and sustain my inspiration. They literally support me in everything I do it’s like I’ve got no room to let anyone down. Lastly what inspires me is my inner potential, strength, positive attitude and my achievements inspire me. Knowing what I’m capable of in all fields I do drives me always.

Describe yourself in 3 words

3 is too small ha-ha.  But it’ll have to be:

Humble Confident Ambitious

Greatest achievements for the year 2015

GirlzNetwork Launch

Being a motivational speaker in Mandeni Women’s Conference and Vryheid Youth conference

Being chosen as the female Ambassador for the Thumumlilo Foundation an organization that is broad and caters for communities, by providing food to the needy and it helps the youth change their dreams to reality by creating a variety of opportunities for them in different levels.

Being a guest in Ukhozi FM on Sbu Buthelezis show “indumiso”

Being an ambassador for the beach Xperience and being their host/presenter for the event

Do you have bigger plans for 2016?

Yes I do. Everyone must always plan their year, regardless of the outcome but at least they’ll work towards changing their plans to actions.

I’m planning on doing well at school, better than 2015. It took me so long to realize that I’m in a race of my own and running the competition for a different purpose. I’m planning on continuing making my parents more proud this year by not changing but just be better. I’m definitely planning on growing my organization GirlzNetwork and try and get main sponsors for it and expand its programs and activities. I’m planning on growing my identity brand and profile as “Lelo Nkosi” (model, TV host, dancer, business lady, and promoter) and my private company. I’m planning on working harder in all I’ve done in the previous years and to change all these plans above into reality.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In exactly 5years I’ll be a Medical Officer, but besides my profession I see myself as a young successful business woman who has the most inspirational uplifting organization and social movement that has managed to branch within her province and continues helping people from different communities. I see myself expanding my women empowerment and women’s health campaigns, host youth developing events in communities(especially in Mandeni) and at a provincial level, eventually, and hopefully would have hosted 1 or 2 ladies conferences by then. I also do see myself winning a few more titles in the beauty pageant world. And lastly I see myself driving a beautiful car (my parents driving a better one), living I a beautiful house, living m dream life- all this after I’m done spoiling m parents and family (of which I doubt will ever end). That is me in a nutshell in 5 years’ time from now.

Words of wisdom to other young people?

As young as you may be, start investing in your future goals. Don’t let your surrounding or environment shape your future when you can do that yourself. Big dreams have small beginnings, so start where you are, 1 comes before 2, may u have order and do it the right way, it takes time but it will all be worth it. Do what’s necessary, then do the possible and suddenly you will be doing the impossible. The question isn’t who’s going to let me but who’s going to stop me?

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  1. She’s so beautiful and full of substance. and her Girlz nextwork sounds exciting, at 21 nogal! nooo i need toget my life together and do something about about my blog and this initiative for young women i wanted to start nami. So inspirational

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