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The Mover and Shaker- Pinky Shange

Pinky Shange is everyone’s favourite girl lately, the 25-year-old Zululand born made her debut on VUZU’s show, Pastor’s Kids. She describes herself as a child of God who is born from a Christian family. Shange, well known as the “Turnup queen” was born an entertainer. She is loud, bubbly, loves attention and people. She is currently working as a rental agent at First Car Rental in JHB. She moved to JHB in 2009 to further her studies and as cliché as it sounds she also moved to pursue her dreams of being in the entertainment industry.

You seem to be everyone’s favorite on the VUZU Show Pastor’s Kids, tell us more about that?

Funny you say that because I actually just thought my episode was average but from the response I got is overwhelming, it’s crazy. About the show, I was approached by my brother’s friend who works in the TV industry and he asked me if I would be interested in doing a Preachers Kids Reality Show. At first I was shocked but also excited at the same time. He has always believed in me and that I belong on TV .So, I agreed and gave it a try, mind you I just thought it would take a couple of days but it actually ended up being 2months of shooting.

It was dreadful and a part of me wanted to quit but hey in the end it turned up great. The show really boosted my fan base, I didn’t expect to be loved by so many people and for people to enjoy my episode that much. But when it comes to my family it was a bit of a challenge because for them my party life is not something to be proud of and I totally understand.  

You always seem to be stealing the spotlight everywhere you go? Has entertainment always been your passion?

YES!!I think the spotlight has always followed me from a young age and it just grew with me. I am also a dancer so that is another reason for having the spotlight everywhere I go. Entertainment has always been my passion but part of me wanted to put it on hold if it happens it will happen. I mean I’ve known quite a lot of celebrities for more than 10 years who have seen potential in me but I’ve never taken me serious I guess

What inspires you?

God, my family and all the people who have always believed in me. I think if it wasn’t for prayer I wouldn’t be alive or be where I am today. It’s amazing how prayer can fix the smallest thing in your life yet it can make a huge impact in the way you see life. So I’ll never stop believing in the Almighty. My family always has been supportive with everything good and bad thing that has happened in my life, I truly depend on them with everything.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Crazy, Fun and Loyal.  This is a difficult one I could go on forever lol.

Greatest achievements for the year 2015

My new job at First Car Rental and of course the Reality Show Preachers Kids.

Do you have bigger plans for 2016?

Yes, I’m working on being on your TVs screens again and again cant reveal anything as yet but I think this year by the grace of God is going to be my year.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

5 years? Wow! My own TV Show, own B&B and hopefully married with two kids.

Words of wisdom to other young people?

Prayer changes thing, God might delay your blessings but He will always come through in the end. To say follow your dreams is cliché but just know that everything takes time and it will only happen when the time is right, just don’t give up. Lastly don’t ever let the negative people get to you or even believe what they say because that won’t get you anywhere.

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