By: Angela Kewney

As a real estate agent, viewing the property with a potential client is inevitable- it is not uncommon to view a property multiple times a day with multiple buyers. This does take energy and of course perseverance..  

There are many times in the life of an Estate Agent where a little bit of drama evolves.. those clients, who catch you by surprise, the things they do or say.. leaving you a little speechless at times.

One particular day I had this client who phoned me on my mobile, while I was on my way to see the specific property he asked me about. As I was on my way there, and could squeeze in a viewing, I offered him the chance to come and see the place himself..

He met outside the property where the kids were playing outside and the owner was trying to keep herself out of sight. Trying to be courteous to her as it was getting to the time where kids want to have dinner I said to the client in front of the seller, “we will be as quick as possible as not to interfere with your plans”. Either the client did not pay attention to what I said, else he just ignored that statement. First he went straight to the main bedroom and proceeded to lie on the bed – with a bit of an astonished look on my face I asked him “why?” .. to that he answered, “I just want to feel how it will feel to wake up in this room everyday”.

“Alright”, I thought..

Next he proceeded into the main bathroom of the house and got into the bath. He lay there for a while saying to me, “yes, I do fit nicely into this bath”..

“Oh my Gosh!”.

After examining each and every little space in the bath and shower and turning on the taps, he flushed the toilet, opened up the vanity cupboard and said “mmm, this is not a good place to keep one’s toothbrushes”, “very unhygienic”. Of course who do I see when I turn around but the seller of the property – standing there with a rather puzzled expression.. I politely rolled my eyes and asked him to come along.

We got through the other bedrooms, and I was happy to see that he need not have tested the beds for his kids. But he did open up the cupboards and looked intently at the lights – and lamps..

We got to the kitchen and I thought, well I hope that this is where he will ignore most of the area as hopefully his wife cooks. Oh no, that was not to be.

After opening up all the cupboards he went to the stove and checked the cooking pots – lifting their lids and inspecting the burning gas underneath each one. “This smells good” he says with no expression. “I just want to feel what it is like to cook in this kitchen”. He walks into the scullery and opens up the taps, looks under the sink and mentions to the seller, “you should really line these cupboards with paper so that the cleaning materials don’t damage the wood”.. “yes?”.

Ok, now I am really feeling uncomfortable. And the poor owner! I mention to him to “please let us try and move along as it is getting late”. “yes” he replies. “I am just needing to spend some time in the garage”. Off he goes. He opens and closes the garage door, “yes, this is in good working order” he mentions. “Where is the geyser and how accessible is it?” he asks the seller. She says it is in the ceiling in the garage.

“May I get in there to have a look?”, “a ladder perhaps?”. What? I really in that moment believed I was in some sort of dream and would surely wake up soon. The seller says to the client “I don’t have a ladder, sorry”. To which he replies, “how can you not have a ladder in the house – you really should be prepared in the event of something going wrong”.

“Let us move along”, I say to the client. If you would like to come back another time to view I can arrange it, but we have been here for over an hour already”..

We say goodbye to the owner who I am sure is very satisfied we are on our way. I have a chat to the client outside and ask him what he would like to do and what he thinks about the property. He says to me with not much expression, “no I don’t want to buy a house now, I was just interested in having a look”.

Well, that was a nightmare and after that I was always sure to ask the client how serious they were, if they had sold their current place and a host of other questions. Never again will I accept an impromptu viewing without finding out much more detail.. lesson learned.

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