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Last Thursday things got into full fashion focus as the winner of the 2016 ELLE Style Reporter was announced at the increasingly trendy shopping emporium Work Shop New Town (WSNT). After slashing down 300 entrants to a ridiculously talented super 8; the ELLE team, in association with Canon and ORMS, showcased the finalists’ work all around the venue for invited guests to have a gander before the winner was announced.


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Seeing as this was all about capturing style I had to do the things to make the sleek yet edgy H-to-T look happen. I like to think I succeeded (Like if you agree!). I took my chic self to the media desk, got tagged and handed a red goodie bag for my efforts. The bag came with drink tokens to use at the resident WSNT bar simply called, Town. Here the tokens could be transformed into sparkly G&Ts and a chat with the attractive bar peeps.




Throughout the evening I managed to fit in a walkabout to all the Top 8 showcase stands and get my retail on at some of the unique shops. The DJ was doing her thing, the guests were getting along, dim sum was served and the finalists were getting closer to find out who among them would be the winner.




The time finally came for the announcement and ELLE SA Editor-in-Chief, Emilie Gambade, took to the mic to get our attention. 2016 Style Reporter was awarded to a young, cool, obviously talented sincere gentleman by the name of Themba Mbuyisa. His work spoke to the concept of depicting street fashion with a local influence yet still serving a global appeal. For this Themba got a contract to intern at ELLE Magazine and a Canon EOS 6D camera worth… well… a lot.




The night was still young and the music picked up where it left off. It was First Thursdays after all. A big well done to the finalists and to ELLE for such a great platform for local talent to shine and build a career in the industry.

Check out more on the finalists and the competition at ELLE. Be sure to enter next time around, you may just be the next Themba.

Photos from ELLE.co.za

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