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So you know how you should never mix your whites with colours… well Huawei sort of agrees with that practice with their latest handset offering. Last week was the South African launch of the Huawei P9 (created in partnership with Leica Camera) which has not one, but two cameras. One monochrome (black and white) and the other full of colour. This innovation was the theme of the night and invited guests were wowed with a sophisticated, futuristic showcase of the new levels of phone design and technology.

The event was held at the Sandton Convention Centre and the dress code was strict. Black and white. Or at least that’s what I was led to believe on my invite until I got to there and there were some code crashers in vibrant colours. Then I figured it out; to match the power of the P9, invites said B&W for some and strictly colour for others, and this was just the tip of the excitement that lay ahead.


Upon arrival myself and my trusty plus one grabbed some bubbly, registered for full access and headed straight for the black carpet photo section to get some snaps in. An open bar, fresh oysters from the cuties from Oyster King and some tasty nibbles were the prelude to what was waiting for us inside. Everyone from our local celebs, marketing folk from mobile operators to bloggers and tech writers were patiently waiting for the big reveal of the MVP of the night, the Huawei P9.


A booming voice came over the PA to tell us to go through the doors into a transformed hall resembling something out of Star Trek (far out!). Everything went dark as we were treated to a sensational acrobatic dance intro just before being welcomed by the hosts of the night, Jason and Donovan Goliath, who each represented one of the P9 cameras. Team B&W and Team Colour. We coincidentally sat on the B&W side, which needless to say had the most energy.  The funny men did their bit to excite the crowd to get things going and then got straight into the formalities of introducing the evening’s speakers.


The speakers included Charlene Munilall, Huawei’s Business Group GM, who gave us a brief history of who the company was and what they do. Then the best part came with the Head of Marketing who introduced the P9 and P9 Plus, where he passionately went into depth about the power of photography possible with their flagship phones, which really impressed everyone and certainly made me want one just from the amazing shots he teased on the screens.

After all the talks and spectacular phone reveal, out of nowhere we were treated to a fashion show from local designer Shaldon Kopman of Naked Ape; pulling inspiration from the theme of monochrome and colour. Just when I thought we couldn’t possibly have more the hosts revealed another access to a gallery room that kept on giving!! Get this… Gorgeous blown up professional shots taken using the P9; Slap bang in the centre a demo station with the phone to test out the cameras; Open bar… obvs!; A hashtags and O’s gaming spot with prizes and photo sections with various backgrounds to play up with props and have fun with the phone.


The night amped up with a live performance from Shekinah and a set from DJ Euphonik, as if everything else wasn’t enough! This was definitely one of the best events I’ve been to in a while; very well planned, jam packed with activities and orchestrated to perfectly match a spectacular product. It’s really one of those you had to be there type of experiences, but I hope this snapshot review helps.

You can look forward to the P9 in three colours: Haze Gold, Ceramic White and Titanium Grey. Capturing brilliant images requires space and the P9 is available in two storage sizes, 32GB and 64GB. It is available right now at all local operator networks, so be sure to go check it out.


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