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What inspired the name of your blogThinking up an original, interesting and catchy name for a blog is really hard.  So I instead I did what I always tend to do, throw my hands up in the air, yell “screw it” and go with the opposite of what I’d read I was supposed to do.  We went with the literal and named it after what it would be all about – and 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House was born.

How long have you been blogging for? 
A really, really long time.  I think it’s going on 6 years now.

What difficulties did you come across when you first started blogging? 
I had no aspirations to become a household name or anything, but I did want someone other than my Mom to read it.  So it was really hard for me to not only put myself out there in writing a very personal blog, but also ask everyone to read it.  In fact it’s still something I hate.  It’s a constant struggle for me to push my content on social media.  It would be so flipping great if a whole bunch of people could just stumble onto it by accident and love it.

What do you think new bloggers need to know about blogging that most people don’t? 
Where to start.  Hmmm, I could talk about my pet peeve of “I’ve been blogging for 2 months and no one wants to pay me for anything yet!” but I’m going to rather go with this…  It takes a LOT of hard work to be a well established and consistent blogger.  And it’s probably important to note that consistency is key.  Without it you lose the people that have started to trust you.  Starting up a blog, spamming out 50 posts in the first month and then going silent for 2 months is going to get you unfollowed pretty quickly.

Blogging is hard work – putting the time into writing content worth reading, taking photos, editing, being present on social media – it all saps out of the time that you used to use to do things like, have fun and whatnot.  It’s not just a piece of cake.  You have to loving bake the cake before you can eat it.

What would you say has been a highlight of your blogging career thus far? It’s quite superficial I guess, but seeing my name in print within the covers of a few magazines as a ‘Blog To Read” really freaking made my year.  Or the “Best Parenting Blog” accolades that I won through the African Blogger Awards and the South African Blog Awards over the last two years.

Who are your favourite bloggers? 
This is exceptionally hard for me to answer because I regularly organise the #CTMeetUp’s ( and so I keep meeting really amazing South African bloggers.  So I’ll go for one of my blog idols Kelle Hampton from Enjoying The Small Things or Paige Kellerman.  The first for her incredible knack in making every moment special and the second for her humour.

Which is the most read blog post on your blog and why do you think people like it? 
Weirdly enough it’s this one:  It’s one of those ones that locks into Pinterest and I still get views on it every day – even though I wrote the post 3 years ago.  I find that posts like these get a lot of traction because people are looking for ideas and how to implement them.  Not as many people are interested in the every day survival of a Mom with 3 kids.  Which is what I actually enjoy writing about.

What else do you do besides blogging? 
I co-own an insurance brokerage in Cape Town – we focus on personal, commercial and guest house insurance.  I know it’s weird that I’m not in marketing or media and this is still strange for a lot of people to assimilate to blogging, but there you go.  I need to make a real living, I have 3 kids to get through school, and like, feed every day.

Where do you see your blog in the next two years? 
The only real aspirations that I have for my little blog is that I can keep it relevant to myself and to my readers.

Do you look at your blog as a business, hobby or as a portfolio? 
Definitely a hobby, but the more paid work I’m getting the more it feels like a second job. Which I’m learning to juggle because, although it’s great that I can make money for my blog, I always want it to be a space that I can enjoy and don’t begrudge having to write on.

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  1. I had the opportunity to have met her at the recent bloggers #CTMeetUp and i really look up to her blog, the way she writes are so inspiring like i would want to be part of her life even if it’s just for 30 minutes. She’s real and her personality comes through in her blog.

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