By: Sandy Nene

It is vital to be through with the academic assignments on time. Most often, students have the entire semester to complete their term papers. They need to choose the right topic, research it and provide teachers with their original and revolutionary solutions and ideas. However, students are very busy and they have many other duties and assignments to do. Sometimes, they forget about their term papers and recall about them when the deadline is too close. Some risky students decide to prepare their term papers 24 hours before the deadline. In fact, it is difficult to make a worthy paper in such short terms. Nevertheless, it is possible to impress your teacher with a successful and well-organized term paper written overnight. These writing guidelines will make your work logical.

Tip #1: Choose the Most Suitable Topic

Teachers expect their students to research something uncommon and fresh. However, you are not able to reinvent the wheel if you have a night to complete your entire term paper. Choose the topic you are good at. If the subject is new to you, do not write about it. It can cause many problems to you when you decide to analyze it deeper. What is more, focus on the topics, which have been investigated by numerous authors. You will not have to generate brand new ideas about it. You can review the existing ideas related to your subject and produce your own original text in your own words. No one will notice that you retell the points of view of other authors.

Tip #2: Research Your Topic

You will not be able to write a successful term paper if you do not research it. Try to find as much information about your subject as you can. Of course, you will need to look for the information in the Internet. Although teachers prefer books, periodicals and encyclopedias, you ought to take advantage of Wikipedia and other similar sources that touch upon your topic. Do not pay attention to the warnings concerning the quality of Wikipedia. This source is able to provide you with the basic information about the selected problem. You can read the suggested article in Wikipedia and learn about the key subcategories and major points connected with your topic. You can also create a brief outline of your term paper in order to make a logical and coherent assignment. Therefore, read various articles of all possible authors in the Internet. Borrow their ideas to do the best instant term paper. Create a new Word document and copy/paste the required sentences and paragraphs into it. Bear in mind that you should avoid plagiarism. When you enjoy a sentence or quotation, paraphrase it or say it with your own words. It is unwise to cite the required quotation whereas you have found it in the Internet article. Such sources are unacceptable at colleges and universities.

Tip #3: Develop Your Thesis Statement

Every academic term paper should have its definite aim and objective. You cannot research your topic randomly. Your analysis should lead the reader to the specific goal. When you analyze a historical event, evaluate its influence and importance for the definite country or the entire humanity. A thesis statement is the heart of your term paper. It should be narrow, logical and clear. Professors criticize broad and controversial thesis statements inasmuch as they make the whole research paper complicated and intricate. The reader loses the point of the investigation when the thesis is broad and obscure. When you invent your thesis statement, be ready to insert it into the introductory paragraph.

Tip #4: Write the Introduction

If you need to complete a 15-page term paper, devote the first page to introduction. Write about the relevance of the chosen topic. Explain the choice of your subject and say what you expect to achieve with the help of your research. Moreover, you can mention a few methods of research in order to provide the professor with logical and noteworthy introduction. This section should prepare the reader to the further development of your idea.

Tip #5: Make the Body

Look through the collected facts and arguments from different sources. You will notice that they are written in different style. Therefore, you will need to rewrite them in your own words. Group the existing ideas according to your special algorithm and develop your idea paragraph by paragraph. Make sure that your narration is coherent and sensible. It is smart to choose two or three authors and their major arguments and counterarguments to build your term paper around their thoughts.

Tip #6: Conclude and Make Citations

Summarize the entire body of your term paper enumerating the main ideas mentioned in the text. In the end, try to find at least several sources that correspond to the topic of your assignment. Invent several citations to make the illusion of profound work with books and periodicals.

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