By: Sandy Nene


It was a meeting of media mafia on Wednesday night as Cape Town’s A-list media/ marketing personalities graced Folk Coffee Shop on Bree for the book launch of Jess Mouneimne’s Being Boss.

The event was hosted by t.v personality Siv Ngesi, a long time friend of Mouneimne.

“Jess draws the lessons in this book from her own triumphs and failures authentically and fearlessly. As a passionate boxer and seasoned entrepreneur, I appreciate how Being Boss so aptly draws parallels between boxing and business,” said Siv Ngesi

Mentor to Mouneimne and South Africa’s top PR practitioner, Marcus Brewster told the audience that he predicted a greater move towards freelancing and entrepreneurship in the next 12 months, making Mouneimne’s book a must read.

“Jess refers to the pace of change in her book and the need for business owners to be agile.   These lessons which it took me two and a half decades to learn, Jess has mastered in a mere three years – the 1 000 days of the book’s sub-title.”

Well known publisher Robbie Stammers, told the audience that while he is not usually a fan of self help books, “Jess speaks from both the heart and the head on the trials and tribulations she has endured on both a personal and business front with refreshing honesty and complete sincerity. She admits where her own shortcomings tripped her up and what she did to overcome them. Any person who is starting a new business venture of their own should read this book. Like myself, you will you find many of your own personality traits, obstacles and observations resonating with her own story. She has a finger on the pulse of where business is going in our disruptive and ever-changing environment and I certainly took home a load of new insights away with me from ‘Being Boss’”

“Like many people I have always had a story to tell or a book in me waiting to get out. I desperately wanted to add ‘author’ to my twitter bio by the time I turned 30. I was itching to write something that would be relevant for young, millennial women in business, I desperately wanted to see something else on the business bookshelves than books by old white American men and so I began writing Being Boss,” said Mouneimne.

Published by QuickFox Publishing with forewords written by the editor of Entrepreneur Magazine Nadine Nodd and Editor of Fast Company, Robbie Stammers, Being Boss invites you to tackle the first 1 000 day of running your own business. Having run and established three successful SME’s, Jess has faced adversity, failure and betrayal. But, Jess has managed to tackle them all. Being a keen boxer, Jess knows just how to roll with the punches and tackle anything that should stand in her way to becoming successful. Being Boss is more than a business book; it is a online and offline community for young women in business. Jess hosts weekly Being Boss shows on Hashtag Radio and hosts monthly networking events. For more info visit

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