By: Sandy Nene

From left: Melody Mfeka, Eleigh Kheswa, Bonga Mthethwa, Sandi Mncube, Mzokoloko, Tharunisa Reddy, Treven Moodly, Nonjabulo, Heazy, Nwabisa & Merisa James.

From left:
Melody Mfeka, Eleigh Kheswa, Bonga Mthethwa, Sandi Mncube, Mzokoloko, Tharunisa Reddy, Treven Moodly, Nonjabulo, Heazy, Nwabisa & Merisa James.

Public Relations graduate, former fashion and shoe blogger – an all round creative, Nothando Tembe hosted a Durban Creatives Luncheon at Capello on Florida Road yesterday. Due to other commitments I could not make it to the event but that did not stop me to chat to Nothando about the event, ask her about the idea behind it and what she is hoping to achieve in the near future. This is what she had to say;

The girl with big dreams - Nothando Tembe

The girl with big dreams – Nothando Tembe

Tell us a little bit more about the Nothando Tembe brand; The Nothando Tembe brand is a creative consulting business that deals with Brand Development, Digital Marketing & Communications. I specialize in building brands online.  Although I’m a Public Relations profession, my experience in marketing and in the digital space has led me to what I do today. The brand is very passionate with seeing brands come alive and transform into reputable businesses. 

What inspired the idea of hosting a gathering for Durban creatives; The creatives luncheon has been something I have been working on for a few years now, just waiting for the right time to launch. More than anything, the project seeks to change the current situation in Durban, where creatives are not recognized and given opportunities. Also to introduce influencer Marketing to brands and Durban as a whole, as a concept that can be used to further its projects and spark conversations.

How was the response from the influencers who attended the event; The response was really amazing. Everyone was really excited to meet because they all have the very frustration and issues when it comes to running successful digital brands. Although it was during the week and some people were not able to make it, they excited to move forward working together.

How long did it take you to put this event together? Because of the support I received from Mzokoloko of Gagasi FM and Sandile from Grants Whiskey, it was a week. They were amazing, made a few calls to the right people and we had everything we needed, which I am very grateful for.

Will you be hosting more gatherings such as these? I’m really hoping this becomes a regular thing, so we get to know each other as creatives in the city and also grow the circle as there are more people who have shown interest in being a part of it. 

Which brands did you collaborate with to host this event? I worked closely with Mzokoloko and Sandile from Grants also Cappello Florida Road hosted us and gave us amazing hospitality

Was it easy getting a hold of influencers to invite to your event? Most of the influencers were people I knew and were familiar with. Other people I found their emails in their bio’s and if not inboxed them. The challenge was identifying people who needed to be a part of the event.

Are the results of this event what you expected? Yes everything went well. I have sparked some energy and ideas for the creatives to work together and start creating amazing projects. Also I have been working on introducing them to some major key holders in and around the city, which we are now moving forward with.

What projects are you currently working on? Currently this is the major project I am working on beside client work. I also write weekly blog posts on my blog that help creatives and other small business owners.

What’s next for the Nothando Tembe brand? Well, I hope to draw in brands and work on a few campaigns with them, by connecting them with the right influencers. 

Get in touch with Nothando and see her amazing work; Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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