By: Sandy Nene

Winning image by Unam Ntantala (@unamntantala)

Winning image by Unam Ntantala (@unamntantala)

Popular Scotch whisky brand Scottish Leader recently brought its ‘new perspectives, richer possibilities’ positioning alive in a very real way in Newtown, Johannesburg.

The event, dubbed the Scottish Leader Whisky Underground Insta-meet, literally took place under a bridge, in the Carr Street private servitude area, and saw famous South African Instagrammers, Ofentse Mwase (@unclescrooch) and Levon Lock (@levonlock), sharing their extensive photographic prowess with a group of up-and-coming Instagrammers invited by the brand.

Here’s our quick Q&A with one of the Winner Instagrammer, Unam.
Unam Ntantala

Unam Ntantala

What did you learn from being part of this insta-meet? I learn’t that teamwork makes the dream work. You might not know what separates you from the herd, but carry on doing whatever it is you’re doing because there isn’t always a formula to success.

Did you meet some of your favourite Instagrammers? I got to meet Ofentse Mwase (@UncleScrooch), which was really nice.  I’m a huge fan of his landscape images.

Who is your favourite local Instagrammer? My favourite local instagrammer is Lulama Mlambo (@LulamaWolf). I’ve known her for a while and if you think her Instagram feed is very cool. She’s also amazing in person!

And international? I love Jerry van Vorstenbos (@Vorstenbos). He’s a denim collector from the Netherlands.

What is your favourite Instagram filter? I don’t have a favourite Instagram filter because every image requires special and individual attention.

Do you use any apps to edit your pictures? If yes, name them; I mainly use Lightroom and VSCO cam, both on my phone. I prefer using the former more than the latter though.

Are your images mostly taken by phone or camera? Name phone or camera model; I mostly use my trusty Canon 550D. It’s a Rebel series, 18mp , which helps quite a bit. I also use a 50mm f/1.8II lens as a standard lens.

What do you enjoy about taking photo’s? I love capturing imperfection. In a time where the world is trying so hard to show off perfection in all forms, I want people to feel comfortable and proud of whatever makes them imperfect.

When not playing around with your lens, what are we most likely to find you doing? When I’m not taking pictures, I’m studying, spending time with family and working on photo shoots (in that exact order).

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