By: Kostas Chiotis

The fantastic city of Cape Town offers amazing places to see for first-time tourists and for those who keep on coming back here year after year.

There is so much to do and see here that it is well worth taking some time to consider the main attractions that are most likely to interest you.

Table Mountain

The glorious Table Mountain overlooks Cape Town and provides it with an unbeatable focal point. However, it isn’t just something for you to look at and photograph from afar, as heading up to the very top is something well worth doing.

Many people decide to hike up, which is a wonderful way of getting the top if a little bit tiring. If you prefer to take it easy or are short on time then you can choose to make the trip on the exciting Aerial Cableway and can even abseil down to the bottom again.

Why not head up here with a picnic to enjoy the very special view and feeling of being close to nature?

Boulders Beach

This is a pretty beach in Cape Town that is usually fairly quiet. It has lots of clean sand and is a nice place to go swimming but it is the colony of penguins that are found here that make it so special.

There are currently over 2,000 African Penguins living here and a trip to the Foxy Beach area is the best way to see them up close. The other attractions here include rock pools and fascinating granite boulders.

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Robben Island

The popular tourist attraction of Robben Island is the sort of bittersweet place where you will feel the weight of history all around you. This remote prison is the place where former South African leader Nelson Mandela was locked up for close to 2 decades and where lepers and mentally ill patients were held previously.

Visitors can see how the great man lived by visiting his incredibly small cell and seeing the limestone quarry where he had to work. It is a deeply unsettling place but once you have explored it and thought about the history you may finally go away inspired and with a new outlook on life.

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

If you want to do some shopping and enjoy a bit of glamour while you are visiting Cape Town then the historic Victoria & Alfred Waterfront is a fine choice. There are hundreds of shops and restaurants in and around here for you to enjoy.

What a lot of first time tourists are surprised by is the fact that this is still a working harbour where you can see fishing boats and big container ships coming and going. All in all, it is the type of place where you can easily spend a full day wandering around and soaking up the unique atmosphere.

Cape of Good Hope

If you want to get out of the city then a trip down to the Cape of Good Hope is a fabulous choice of destination. This is where the African continent ends and a place where you will take some of the best photos of your whole life.

It is an exciting drive down from Cape Town and you will be thrilled when you get here to see this famous rocky headland. This is the kind of South African spot that maybe you had always dreamed of but could never really imagine yourself visiting, so be sure to take time to enjoy the feeling of being there.

Cape Town is filled with incredible attractions that guarantee you an exciting stay in one of the world’s most interesting and friendly cities.

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