By: Anthea Adams

The blogging game has changed, here’s why shifting perspective will put you ahead of the game.

People are not taking advantage of the full potential of the Internet. Here’s why. Take me for example, a blogger in my personal space and a writer for a high-end marketing agency in South Africa. I spend more time studying blogging trends online than I do consuming calories at KFC.

A few weeks ago I embarked on a journey to discover the relevancy of blogging. This idea had been sparked when I considered the immense influence social media has on blogging communities. It led me to believe that blogging no longer was the “soup” but the place you advertise your “soup”.

I was hooked on the idea because the blogging-sphere has become incredibly cluttered. Considering the influx of bloggers increasing and tools are available to everyone with an Internet connection– anyone with two cents to share is a blogger. Add to the equation micro blogging on social media platforms taking the spotlight and you’re in for a ride. Pessimistic me aside, these factors may seem disadvantageous, but from personal experience it’s all about how you approach the change in the game.

While being completely focused on ironing out the point that the blogging platform has evolved, just having “blogger” in your bio wasn’t enough. To my dismay my idea of blogging was very much relevant, but most importantly the research also showed that blogging is critical today more than ever.

An exceptional influencer in the fashion blogging community, Zanita Whittington couldn’t have said it any better:

“While there’s no doubt that various forms of social media have been drawn to the spotlight in recent years, a blog will always be the only platform where true aesthetic autonomy can be achieved. The possibility to speak and share in long form, without the distraction of sliding down to another user will always be an incredibly effective method of communication. As different forms of social media come and go, a blog will always be the stabilizing center. I personally don’t believe that I could have as much success with any other channel without creating content for my blog first.”

Before embarking on research (hours of reading tbh) I would have disagreed with the above statement, but I’ve come to realise that blogging is very much alive and kicking but with evolution, change is envitable. Whether you’ll be the Beyonce of blogging is another topic for another day. What’s important is that we as bloggers remember that blogging doesn’t have to be the big goal, instead, the fertiliser to our ideas and careers.

If I had to walk away with one lesson it would be that blogging can help us become so much more, we don’t need to be one thing – after all we are the creatives of “Generation Slashie” , the game changers.

Writer and photographer with interest in travel, fashion, calories, people-watching and new experiences. #UnleashYourKanye.

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