By: Lisa Kluckow 


Ghandi once said ‘be the change you want to see in the world’. One of the most profound sayings, and so very applicable in our country today. I have always had a deep love for Africa and everything African. The bush veld, the languages that sound like music, the colours and the music and the food. I love the loud chatter mixed with township tunes and laughter that fills streets. I love koeksisters and vetkoek and I love that we all go about our daily lives side by side. The media has had too much power on how they want us to see each other. Divide and conquer. A play on words, continuously used can slowly but surely change our perspective.

Fat skinny black white poor rich tall short Christian muslim and so they bombard us with this through our televisions and printed press. I challenged my teenage son to try for one day not think of people as black or white, gay or straight, poor or rich…and he really struggled to perceive such a concept. Sad indeed. But it got his developing brain working.

Just see people for what they say or how they treat the world around them. See people for the love they show, for a smile, for a deed done and for what shines out of their eyes. Under all that bling, expensive fabrics or rags and under a few layers of skin, is a soul that is naturally connected with all living things. Souls see souls better then people seeing window dressing.

We are all facing the same struggles with finances, family and inner conflicts. We all dream and wish for pretty much the same things. A peaceful, content life with people who love you and whom you love. Laughter, adventure, security and freedom. Let us be the change because life began on our continent and we must be the leaders in showing the world what we are made of. Love, tolerance, versatility and the best set of survival skills on earth.

Nowhere in the world can you grow vegetables in your back yard and sell them on the streets. Our differences can only compliment each other. There is no other nation, who mothers and grandmothers have raised generations single handedly, grown her own food and rebuilt communities. African women are the strongest but are put under the most pressure. But in the same breath, that woman can carry a water container on her in style and grace and sing the most melodic songs as she smiles and enjoys the sun on her face.

Life is hard, but with a smile and song, we can learn to see each other again and we can show the world that love does conquer all. And the best part is that we will start to remember how it felt and we will feel it quickly. It comes naturally to us. Let love lead and let your heart guide you.

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  1. Stunning and so very true! Very inspiring article!

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