By: Ayabonga Ngoma

Tumi announced as Chivas Regal's The Venture Brand Ambassador

For the first time, Chivas Regal introduces a South African talent alongside the continental face for their premium Scotch: The personification of Winning the Right Way, a shared value of doing good while achieving success, acclaimed socially conscious rapper and poet Boitumelo “Tumi” Molekane has been chosen as the brand’s national ambassador, joining the esteemed ranks of actor Don Cheadle, currently the African face for the premier Scotch whisky.

“Throughout their exciting and successful careers, both Tumi and Don have displayed two of our most cherished brand philosophies; Win the Right Way and Share Your Success with those around them”, says Shelley Reeves, Marketing Manager: Scotch Whisky at Chivas Regal.

“They also embody the Chivas GENT – a Generous Entrepreneurial Thinker who is talented, ambitious, urbane, and generous with his time and experience. Our new Win the Right Way campaign aligns both Don and Tumi to the same cause, which is the essence of Chivas Regal.”

Tumi grew up in the culturally vibrant and bustling township of Soweto. No doubt influenced by his upbringing and surroundings, his lyrics and poetry often poignantly reflect South Africa’s social reality.

Such artistic skill saw Tumi reach staggering popularity, yet the performer also worked consistently throughout his career; first with the eponymous Tumi and the Volume and later on his own. He also launched his own record label, Motif, in the early 2000s, as a vehicle to facilitate the careers of young, emerging artists.

“To me, success is really kicking the door wide open for the next person,” the entrepreneur says. “I myself am a product of winning the right way, of favours by some good people. So I pay it forward by co-signing some amazing talent.”

When asked about his collaboration with Chivas, Tumi says he identifies with the values of the esteemed Scotch brand; what they are striving to do and what they stand for.

“It is not just about a name, but putting action behind what you stand for,” he says. “Chivas Regal does that. It’s an enabler that invests in and aligns with people who stand for doing greater good by winning the right way.”

Asked whether he drinks Chivas Regal, Tumi smiles and says he prefers Chivas Regal Extra: “I find Extra to be gentle on the palate, and easy to mix without compromising the rich smoothness for which the brand is known.”

Looking to the future, Tumi plans on releasing his fourth solo studio album under the new moniker Stogie T. He is also looking forward to performing live this summer, in collaboration with Chivas Regal, at the hippest clubs and bars in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban with the popular DJ Mo Flava. Follow the Chivas Facebook page and Instagram for details of the dates to Experience EXTRA with Tumi and Mo FLava.

Referring to the manifestation of his various albums and successes, the artist asserts that the actions of the present can influence future outcomes.

“What I have done in the past has given me faith, self-belief and proof that dreams are reachable. Anyone has the power to be the architect of their own success.”


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