By: Sandy Nene

What started as a passion for origami and creating something new every day, led to an equally creative business venture, coupled with Instagram fame, for Cape Town-based Ross Symons.

The 34-year-old creative relocated from Johannesburg to Cape Town in early 2010 to pursue a career in advertising as a web developer. This move not only paved the way for Symons to set up a business with a friend four years later – but also ignited his passion for origami (the art of folding a piece of uncut, unglued, usually square piece of paper into any shape).

Sharing his creations on social media platform, Instagram, soon followed.

“I created my Instagram account at the time, so I thought it would be a good platform on which to share my passion project with my followers,” says Symons, who currently has in excess of 108 000 followers on Instagram. “All I wanted to do was fold one thing every day of the year and post it, which is something I am still doing, and suddenly I had thousands of people from around the globe interacting with me and my work. I could never have imagined this.”

In time, the Origami-inspired White on Rice brand was born, enabling Ross to further craft and share this unique art through commissions, installations, teachings, doing stop motion animations and the White on Rice Instagram account, which keeps Symons busy as well as creative.

“Instagram has become a huge part of my life. The platform itself is amazing, and I love the fact that you can connect with so many people from all around the world through images,” adds Symons. “There are so many communities on Instagram where people share ideas and thoughts around a particular theme or interest, and the origami community is no different. I have made friends and connected with people from England, USA, France and Spain, to name a few. And this was made possible through the origami community on Instagram.”

Looking to the future, Ross plans to teach people how to use Instagram effectively to launch ideas and brands from the platform, just as he managed to do successfully.

For more on Ross and his creations, visit https://www.instagram.com/white_onrice/.

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