By: William Jackson

Attending any #WordCamp is valuable and influences the ability to create content that is engaging and  empowering. WordCamp is associated with writing, blogging and web development platforms which are used globally. The spread of digital content influences the thinking and actions of viewers and readers. The simplicity of WordPress allows even youth, teens and young adults to develop dynamic sites and potential reader interactivity. This is #DOPE!
The recent WordCamp in Orlando, Florida focused on the use of WordPress, its widgets, graphics, analytics, domain development, Branding and online content development. As a higher education instructor I often take students with me to learn from industry experts, programmers and developers. Students need exposure to professionals to inspire learning outside of the classroom and provide relevancy and connections to careers.  

A digital application that is “what you see is what you get,” and makes web/content development an enjoyable process. Developing ideas, stories, and innovation on a literary level. It is easier now more than ever for people to build quality web sites for blogging, business, sharing information, commerce, content innovation and sharing of family events. A few strokes of the keys, registration, selecting a template, deciding what to call your site, selecting photos and posting content and you’re ready to go. So easy that even children are doing it, and doing it well. That is #DOPE!

The beauty of using WordPress is its’ ease of use similar to Microsoft Word or even PowerPoint. All  that is needed is a basic understanding of using a word processing application; some creativity and a basic grasp of graphics and photos allows users to start and publish content.

In a world of competition to be published, recognized, followed, obtaining viral status, in an age where in higher education the “publish or perish” mentality is still strong. Writing brings notoriety and respect, and it encourages intellectual thought and the engagement of intellectualism. WordPress provides the platform and the tools to promote Branding and developing a marketing strategy to obtain readers
and viewers.  

WordCamp conferences are global events that encourage participation by all walks of life and skill levels. Using WordPress does not require a college degree or a programming certificate, just a desire to share content in diverse ways using web development tools coordinated with text, photos, graphics and widgets that allow the web site to come alive and provide a unique functionality.

As an instructor in higher education attending the WordCamp helps me to increase the relevancy of why my students need to learn to blog outside of just class projects. Empowering my students with writing skills assists them in gaining employment, building tech skills in reading and comprehension. Employers are consistently stating that recent graduates lack reading and writing skills, teaching students early is important to set a foundation for writing that requires reading and builds comprehension.

Writing is a skill that requires practice, creativity, intellectualism and imagination. The writer is telling a story and using a platform that should be conducive to their needs. In this digital age platforms like WordPress must be flexible and easy because of the diversity of writers in age, gender, creative skill and technical knowledge.
Blog Away….  

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