By: Sandy Nene

Karen Ellithorne

Don’t know what to get your mom or that special lady for Christmas? Milk Solutions is the answer! I chatted to its founder, Karen Ellithorne about her passion for the beauty industry, to find out a little bit more about how it all began. 

When was Milk Solutions founded? Milk solutions was founded in 2001 and originally started out as range of 4 products which are still included in the range today. The original products were Milk and Honey Softening Soak, Milk and Honey scrub Mask, Milk and Honey Foot Softening Lotion, Milk and Honey Nail Polish remover.

Define beauty; Beauty is being the best version of yourself you can possibly be both inside and outside.

Why a business in the beauty industry? I had a passion for cosmetics and clothing from a young age and have never outgrown it.


What did you do before you founded Milk Solutions? I imported a nail care brand called Jessica Cosmetics from the USA. I am a qualified skin care therapist so have always worked in the industry and been involved in all the different avenues ranging from lecturing, practicing therapy, sales and importing and distributing a variety of products. Manufacturing my own brand felt like the natural progression.

What makes Milk Solutions stand out from other beauty products out there? We are not just a manicure and pedicure range but a treatment range for hands and feet

Who can use Milk Solutions? Anybody who values hand and footcare.

Where can people find your products? In many of the top salons around the country and then online on our website or or

What’s your opinion on the South African Blogging industry? I think it is very exciting that the blogging industry has grown and become as influential as it has. It is great to have such a trusted source of bloggers writing their opinion on SA  beauty brands.

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