You might think the hardest part of being a full-time blogger is promoting your blog enough to earn enough money to live on. Sure, that is pretty hard. Or you might think it is coming up with ideas to keep the blog going. Also fairly difficult, but there’s tons of help out there. However, one of the biggest, forgotten about problems with being a full timer is health. We are not designed to sit down all day in front of a computer, so we need to understand it and mitigate it.

Bad Health from Writing All Day

Being a blogger often means leading a sedentary lifestyle. This is defined as sitting still for more than 5 hours a day excluded sleep naturally. Even in an office environment, people spend a long period of time sitting still. However, they walk to the office and back, possibly walking the entire journey into work. Bad posture, being still, and using a computer for extended periods of time can lead to the following health issues:

  • Diabetes

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Obesity

  • Osteoporosis

  • Lower Back Injuries

In addition, it can lead to mental health issues like:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

Working from Home Feeds Our Bad Habits

Say what you will about the horribleness of the open or closed office, but it imposes a certain kind of rigor and strictness on life. There are boundaries such as not working in your pyjamas or snacking from the fridge at random during the day. However, if you have a problem with sweet foods, smoking, alcohol, or other addictions and bad habits, these can be exacerbated when working at home. There are fewer set in stone rules, you are your own boss so can sign off on bad behavior and less social pressure to conform.

Some Advice on Dealing with This

If you want to become a full time blogger, you’ve got to get with a good lifestyle. First, get the basics of your lifestyle right. This means setting strict rules on what you eat and when – wherever possible have a good balance of everything and do take into account the number of calories you need to consume. Mix this in with stretches, exercises, and regular walks around your house or to the shops. Make sure you are mixing sitting and working with other things to keep the blood flowing.

Secondly, address your bad habits. If you have an addiction to something be it coffee or smoking, or something harder seek help. There are range of things you can do from going cold turkey or slowly reducing your intake until you quit, to counseling, 12 step programs, and support networks. Even hypnosis works for some people. Find the solution which works for you. And don’t forget, as you work through your health, keep the weight off, keep fit, and stay happy, you can always blog about it!

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  1. I am not even writing full day, however I do have a 9 – 5 unfortunately, but I am already feeling the Lower Back Injuries. What I found worked is doing yoga in the mornings for about 20 minutes.

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