By: Sandy Nene


I cannot believe that we’re just a month away from the new year! November is the month where we revisit the resolutions we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year to gauge  which of them have been achieved. For some, new year’s resolutions are vital and for others, they mean nothing at all. Even if they aren’t important to you, I am pretty sure that when a new year begins, most of us have milestones we want to reach and goals we wish to accomplish before the year ends.

October was an exciting month for WBFL where we introduced a new beauty brand, Milk Solutions – which we will be doing some exciting stuff with this month. You can look out for an interview with their founder as well as an amazing giveaway.

We have had a lot of people requesting to be part of our team as guest writers. Please note that at this stage we are not accepting new members to join the team. However, guest writers / contributors are welcome to contact us. Our platform is always open to share stories, send an email to me

Thank you for reading my note. Until next time… Happy blogging, remember; We Blog For love.



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