By: Sandy Nene


Tell us more about yourself; Coco is an aspiring successful entrepreneur from PMB currently based in Durban due to business. I have a promotions/hostess agency called Juice Models and an organization for homeless people (Coco Msomi Foundation). I also model part-time and currently signed to Ice Model Management.

Describe your normal day? If not at the office, at home in bed reading business books online my current read is Superbosses by Sydney Finkelstein or chilling by the beach listening to the sound of the ocean. It refreshes my mind.

At which point in your life did you decide to do what you do? Since growing up, I’ve always wanted to be in the business industry. Making my own money and be my own boss. Even in high school I used to sell Lollipops so can have pocket money and can buy myself stuff. I don’t like asking people for things, I always come up with a plan or something.

Has it always been something you wanted to do? Yes. After finishing matric I started a small business. I was seventeen at that time, where I was selling earrings and necklaces. Would travel to Joburg alone to buy stuff at the china mall there and sell it to the ladies at church and give a few to my mom to sell to her friends.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? That’s a very tricky question. Whatever that God has planned for me. I’ll be grateful of it.  But I see myself as a top business woman in Africa and on the Forbes Magazine. Giving back to needy and inspiring a lot young girls out there who want to be in the business industry as well.

How would you like to be remembered? As a very caring business woman. I have an organization for homeless people where I provide them with variety of services, food, clothes and other stuff. I have a warm heart and im a very caring person, I hate seeing someone suffering or going through a bad time. I’m a very sensitive person. My heart bleeds when I’m unable to help someone and they are in need of something.

What keeps you going regardless of the challenges life throws at you? GOD and my family.

I am inspired by FAILURE. Doing something that you not sure how it would turn out. But with faith and believing in yourself and GOD, you do it. I’m also a risk taker and very brave human being.

Life has taught me to do everything that makes me happy and forget about what others think of me. Not everyone is happy with what you do.

Success is a journey not a destination.

I believe in women empowerment because I think women should be given the ability to fully and genuinely participate economically, socially, and politically to empower women in terms of equal opportunity and seeing beyond gender bias in every aspect.

All I want is happiness.

Words of wisdom to other women who look up to you; Believe in yourself, pray hard and stay humble. Don’t stop believing in yourself, be nice to people and pray hard, Yes I’m saying it again. With God, anything is possible if you believe in him. And stop wishing, start doing.

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  1. Very inspirational women, it’s motivating and it’s a pleasure to see young humble and successful women like Miss Msomi keep up the good work.

    God has truly blessed u

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    • You are such an inspiration. May God keep elevating you.

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  2. What a phenomenal woman she is, very goal oriented to a very large extent workaholic. She lives and loves her work. All the best for the future Coco… ❤️

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