This is a R5,5 million campaign that our Foundation runs every year whereby we sell wristbands and South Africans get to wear their slippers to work, school or anywhere they choose.

27982 RFAD Slipper Day (Save the Date) - HOPE 22.02.17(option2)

For our 2017 campaign we are changing the concept from a sticker to a colourful wristband and would like to get maximum coverage as we need to advertise for awareness and to drive sales. Slipper Day is now on the 12th May and our retail partners are Wimpy and Pick n Pay.

The Foundation wanted to find a way to revamp the campaign and to come up with a fun yet fresh way for people to get involved. The idea to do the wristband instead of the sticker was so that we could use the key values of the organisation in the messaging of the campaign rather than just use a sticker that doesn’t represent us at all and is merely a tool for fundraising.

We believe that people will wear their wristbands with pride as it will show their unity and solidarity towards our cause. They are durable so the children will also be able to wear it in support for longer than just a day. We are proud to collaborate with the following celebrities who designed the values for us:

DJ Fresh and Carrol Boyes = Strength

Roxy Burger and Carrol Boyes = Courage

Gert-Johan Coetzee and Lira = Hope

Hope, Courage and Strength are the values that make dreams come alive and inspire dreamers to be positive, to heal and to embrace their dreams for the future. All of these things are made possible, with just one wristband. Each celebrity and designer have collaborated to create a design that embodies one of these values.

We believe that YOU would add invaluably to the success of our campaign by becoming personally involved and aligning yourself with “Slipper Day” during the campaign. May we please ask if you can kindly help us by supporting the Slipper Day Communications Plan?  You can help us by posting the various Slipper Day messages on your various digital or social media platforms from the week of the 13th of March till the 12th of May 2017. One post every two weeks will be perfect. We will assist you with various different artwork.  You are also more than welcome to add your own style to the digital and social media posts.

We would greatly appreciate any support of our campaign.

For more information on “Slipper Day” and the work that we as an organisation do please visit our website:

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