By: Red Mosiane


It is no secret that the American and European fashion industries dominate the global fashion dialogue so it should be no surprise that when searching for information and advice on a career in fashion, their designers and other fashion professionals are all that comes up. The problem comes in when you realize that there is few to no platforms where Africans can hear insightful and informative interviews from designers who are currently living and working in Africa today. This is the gap we’re setting out to fill with our interview series, “From Our Own”.

These are interviews unlike any other on the continent in that we have designers from all categories and walks of life sharing their experiences and lessons they have learned during their journey running their fashion businesses as well as insights and advice about the industry. This is to give those from outside Africa and naïve fashion hopefuls in Africa an honest, realistic and updated picture of what it is like for designers in Africa today. Beginning in Johannesburg solely because that’s where we have access to as of now but as we grow and hopefully find sponsors, the aim is to expand the series to visit and spotlight designers from all over the continent to represent the continent’s fashion industries more precisely.

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