By: Robyn Thomas


Some of the most talented writers of the blogosphere struggle to drive traffic to their websites. They share every post on social media. They write according to SEO guidelines, and use enticing headlines but don’t receive any comments, likes, or shares.

What are they doing wrong?

Driving traffic to your website has less to do with the quality of your work, and more to do with your promotion strategy. Here are five tips to help increase your blog traffic immediately:

Write for other websites

One of the easiest ways to increase your readership is to have content published on another site that links to your blog. If readers are intrigued by your work, they will likely source more information about you and the topic that you’ve written about. Make sure that when you’re writing for another publisher, that it’s one you’re happy to be associated with, and preferably has a larger following than you do.

Learn the habits of your niche followers

If you’re a mom blogger posting at 2 AM, do you think that moms are up searching for your content type at that time? Probably not. Get to know your reader and their habits. Find out which social networks they’re using because every social network doesn’t appeal to everyone. Study the hashtags they search. Find out when they’re online, and post at that time. Posting at the wrong time is one of the biggest mistakes that publishers make. With the amount of information available on the internet, your content (even if it’s paid media) has a small window of opportunity to reach your audience.

Publish interviews or guest features on your site

Just as your traffic will increase when you write for other websites, readers of your guest blogger or interviewee will be drawn to engage with your content. One way that bloggers have been increasing their traffic is to publish content on each other’s websites and share that to their niche audiences. This is beneficial to both the readers and publishers (granted that publishers who collaborate have a similar sized following).

Join a forum related to your niche

The best place to drop your content is into a forum of people who are extremely passionate about your topic. Social groups on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Disqus and so on, who are interested in your niche, are always willing to engage with your content. With that said, it’s important that you establish your niche and clearly convey the brand message that you’re intending to send.

Add call-to-actions to your blog posts

Once I’ve read your blog post, would you want me to like it, comment on, share it, or email you about it? I may enjoy reading your topic, and if you’d ask me to share it at the end of your post, I probably would.  

Let your readers know how you would prefer them to engage with your content and add context for better understanding. For example: Did you find these tips helpful? Subscribe to SA Bloggers to learn more ways to becoming a successful blogger – that’s a clear call-to-action, asking you to subscribe.

Robyn Ruth Thomas is a Copywriter and blogger at She’s passionate about wellness, travel, and natural hair care. When she’s not sipping turmeric water and churning content, she can be found surfing Youtube, wandering among greenery, or burying her nose in a book.





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