After years of ego fluffing and censorship of honesty, the South African fashion industry has finally progressed to being open to honest conversation about the state of the industry. This is not new information to those paying attention with the current rise in popularity of podcasts, articles, etc doing just that but now comes the issue of how that’s executed.

There is nothing wrong with voicing your opinion but the problem comes in when they’re based on tid-bits read on twitter and amateur online publications instead of founded on extensive research. Every body wants to be heard but the loudest voices are often the emptiest vessels. You can’t progress a conversation or contribute by saying more of what’s already being said by the lowest common denominator.

Noticing this regressive trend, REconnecteD Productions created ‘Chats’. In the spirit of collaboration, education and progression each episode invites experienced African fashion professionals- working in various sectors across the continent’s fashion industries- to candidly discuss a topic or issue related to their work. The aim is to provide different perspective than to millennials complaining by also including someone on the other side of things to give their 2 cents.

In the first episode, the guest is Jabulile Dlamini-Qwesha who is a fashion journalist as well as a social media and content editor at an online fashion publication based in South Africa and they discuss the current occurrence of high jacking conversations occurring in the country’s fashion media industry.

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