By: Prince Nhlengethwa


When I got the invitation from Sandy Nene to go and check out the Riff‘s Bar & Grill, I was a smidge nervous. I was worried it is in Sandton the harbour of all fanciness and snotty Johannesburger behaviour. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I entered the restaurant and was greeted with warm smiles and a much warmer ambience. (Mind you the weather was colder than what I am used to in Durban). When I walked in I felt at home. The interior is warm and brown with music inspired décor. I felt like I had been transported from Johannesburg to an American Southern Jazz bar. The interiors had an easy and relaxed feel. (Nothing Snotty Here)

I was introduced to Head Chef Ian Kehoe, who I advised should prepare the meal that most represents the restaurant. I was expecting something gourmet (which I am not too fond off). I was served with a delicious cocktail Alabama Slammer, while waiting for the starter. (I am going back to the Riffs just for this cocktail.) I was a refreshing drink with the mix of various spirits topped with orange juice. Just delicious.

I was served a crispy fresh chick and avo salad as a starter. The salad fair is a potion for all diets.  You could even have it as your mains. Alas that day I came prepared to feast with the emptiest of tummies. I was amazed by the mains. It was an easy meal yet perfect for my palette, a simple rump steak basted and grilled to perfection with a side serving of steamed veggies. The steak comes with delicious sauce options to be slathered over it. I chose the peppadew sauce. The best way to finish of such a lovely lunch is with scrumptious desert. This was a berry cheese cake with cream.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch at the Riffs because they serve easy food yet flavour full. The surroundings weren’t daunting or overwhelming. The staff was great (Kaleb my waitor was fantastic, I know I was invited but I had to tip). Most importantly for me, the ambience and menu didn’t make me feel like a pauper. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and would take anyone there for lunch or even dinner.  

@PrinceEdgie is a Visual Merchandiser, Sunstoppers Ambassador and Fashion blogger.

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