By: Onawanda Mpanza

I watched my son standing by the door, a longing for the outside in his eyes. His body was screaming for the outdoors. It dawned on me, modernisation especially city life has stolen our freedom. Our movement is almost limited because of the fear of thugs coming into our personal spaces and possibly brutally hurting us. I watched a documentary on SABC 3 and this guy said when we rob a house and there is a small child it makes things easier for us. Who wouldn’t show us the safe and their valuables when we threaten to hurt their child? If they think we joking we will put the child in the microwave or oven and put it on high.

Sounds crazy right but the realisation that you letting your child go play outside during the day when most people are at work could be the most dangerous thing ever puts one off. Could one forgive themselves completely if their child would come into harm’s way because they let the child go free and play but instead a criminal came in and hurt your child and you?

As is we are investing so much money in security. Was reading the Blue Security safety tips and they gave 6 suggestions to protect your home. Electric fence, anti-gate crashing kit, infrared beams for your yard and for the windows and walls and last but not least install infra-red detectors in the roof your house or business. I got a headache just reading the effort we have to put in just to be safe in our homes. Sometime back, a dog would do but not anymore and we moved to burglar bars but those are useless now they break them with little effort.

We recently visited relatives in the village and the peace of not having to lock constantly, put on the alarm system, and inform your neighbour when you will be out for long periods was pure bliss. It was very refreshing, modernisation had seemed like it was the life to live but this month I got a chance to view things differently and realised that we have sold ourselves a mini lie. Living like prisoners in our beautiful homes is madness. Paying so much for your safety is even crazier.

I now get it why most Caucasians move to the so-called farm areas but build their dream homes there and live a life with minimum crime and bucket loads of freedom. Children playing freely and getting dirty in streets and making memories that will last them a lifetime instead of having memories of burglar bars coming between them and having fun.

A love for words, if they were edible I would probably have them for breakfast, lunch and supper. An observer and with a mind like a sponge, a Public relations graduate, Creative Director and Founder of Ambidextrous Empire a Pr and Media company. Assistant Editor of Mjita Magazine and owner of Ona cleaning supplies. Aspiring author, radio/Tv host and filmmaker. An entrepreneurial and philanthropic spirit and a never die attitude, I hit the ground running and I don’t wait for things to come to me, I go after them.

Best personality trait is being easy to talk to and great sense of humour as tough as a cookie I am. If I don’t make you laugh or think about something differently you will leave motivated but you will most definitely leave me impacted somehow. They say I am loud; I blame theatre for that, those training sessions taught me to be audible much but I love it, I live large and expressively so ask my husband and toddler.

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