Brunch is the new breakfast and one of the hottest current trends on the global culinary scene!Why have one meal when you can put breakfast and lunch together and have the two in a fabulous not-to-be-missed culinary event?

Brunch – a new curated food and beverage experience – launches at Braamfontein’s Bannister Hotel (9 De Beer Street), directly opposite the bustling Neighbourgoods Market, on Saturday, June 24.


Diners can choose three options from the food menu (which runs from June 24 to July 22):

  • Flapjack stack with toasted almonds and strawberries
  • House madehoney granola with creamy Greek yoghurt topped with fresh berries,coconut flakes, chiaseeds, candied walnuts and edible flowers
  • Shrimp and grits with corn salsa
  • Curried tofu tacos
  • Cajun tater tots served with cheese, chipotle, scrambledeggs and black bean salsa

This will be accompanied by the choice of two (bottomless) cocktails:

  • Absolut Negroni
  • Singapore Sling (made with Beefeater Gin)
  • Solgorita
  • Strongbow warm cider

Says Hardy McQueen of MANGERmanje who is bringing brunch to Braamfontein: “We have our pulse on what is happening in food trends globally and wanted to transport these experiences to a local audience.”

There will be three two-hour brunch seatings (at 10am, noon and 2pm) and the cost is R295 per person excluding gratuity.

There will be further brunches every Saturday throughout the year. The menu changes monthly and will reflect seasonal fare and availability of produce.

MangerMANGERmanje – the name is a combination of French and Zulu – is a new portal aimed at the food obsessed millennial audience. It will host events and report on the best experiences through writing and video. It aims to become the portal for eaters, drinkers and foodie events across the African continent.

Brunch is presented by MANGERmanje. Other projects coming under the MANGERmanje banner include Feasts, Food City and Street Feasts.

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