By: Pamela Mkhize

In a society of #MenAreTrash, a hashtag which is a reaction to all the violence that South African women experience on a daily basis, two young men have developed a solution to address and minimize instances of women getting kidnapped or abducted. They recently launched, ImbokodoApp.

Founders of ImbokodoApp Langa Zulu and Tshega Mampshika

Founders of ImbokodoApp Langa Zulu and Tshega Mampshika

One of the founders of ImbokodoApp, Langa Zulu, a digital media enthusiast obsessed about community economic development as well as growth for black youth businesses told SA Bloggers that the concept was inspired by the recent cases of women abuse, women abduction and killings.

Since the beginning of this year the number of women and children killings have sky rocketed and according to the SA Medical Research Council, every eight hours a women is killed in South Africa.

“I worked out the ImbokodoApp concept with my business partner Tshega Mampshika we always work as a team and we brainstorm app concepts looking at how we innovate, how we disrupt and how we bring about sustainable development amongst African communities using languages that our people use and understand,” explains Zulu.

“ImbokodoApp stores the two numbers as put in by the user and in the case of an emergency, you trigger emergency alerts by tapping any part of the screen within ImbokodoApp and it sends SMS’s to those two contacts with your GPS Co-ordinates & GoogleMaps link for easy tracking, at no cost to the user. We currently having negotiations with private and public organizations to come on board so we offer a much more solid offering for the user.”

The Empangeni-born radio presenter and producer said he is motivated by Africa, “the problems (read opportunities) that Africa has, well someone got to solve these at some stage. We no messiahs but there’s too big a gap and luckily we have the will and passion to make this continent a much better environment for the next generation.

We cannot shade away from the fact that #MenAreTrash sparked a huge debate between men and women. Zulu tells SA Bloggers that #MenAreTrash was a moment of reflection for him and his business partner, “we had a lot of discussions and I realized that as men we are so full of ourselves and so arrogant that we are not sensitive and protective enough to guard our women even from ourselves. Can we guarantee that we ‘not-so-trashy men’ can’t be the cause tomorrow of these horrific stories we read about in the media? We can’t. We need to dig and revisit our attitudes and actions on how we treat and handle women in society because for as long as we as the majority of men are convinced buying a woman drinks qualifies you sex, we never going to eradicate women abuse.”

The App has been well received and the team is working on new features to improve it.

“The second version is coming within the next few weeks, with better features to make it even more difficult for perpetrators of crime to pull their stupid stunts and get away with it.”

You can download the App here

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