By: Thabo Willby Motau

What are the negative effects of the colonial/apartheid labour laws on black families today?

The head of the black household has for a while lost touch with his true essence.

When we rewind back to our colonial labour history, black men had to surrender their household roles and responsibilities to create wealth for the colonial masters in the mines.

That initial absenteeism of a black man, in a black household, has had and continues to have long lasting and generational effect on broken black families, and in a more focused context contributes to domestic violence.

Here is the BIG question; how do I teach my son love, when I do not know what love from a father is?

The above is the biggest question when studying the generational effect that is rooted in the past labour laws on black families.

Here are more questions to consider on the impact of lost lineage, these ones not as broad:

  1. What are the lost opportunities of a son growing up without the most important referent of his life; his father?
  2. What are the effects on his identity, his perceived worth, his assumed role and values in the household and in the community?
  3. How has this and how does it continue having an impact on lost opportunities of education, opportunities for a black male child to be a child when he is supposed to be?
  4. Is he not likely to lose his sense of dignity?
  5. What is the connection of this and domestic abuse, poverty, dysfunctional communities, violent crimes such as hijackings?

Recovering The True Essence Of The African Man:

  1. Black men, whilst our women are disgusted at our actions #menaretrash, let us take it upon ourselves to discontinue the effect of the lost identity.
  2. Let us now, more than ever acknowledge that we are responsible for how our sons will treat their women, and which role they will play in society.
  3. Let us, against all odds choose to be present in the upbringing of our children even when your woman becomes your baby mama.
  4. Be a mentor to an abandoned son.
  5. Tailor-made therapy or coaching for the male child who witnesses violence, feels neglected or even grows under very difficult financial situations.

Black men are a great and pivotal creation of life, for a long time you have been lost to the colonial ecosystem. Let us choose to get in touch with the true essence of an African man, again,

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