By: Sandy Nene

The Young African Aviators is a group of young, talented and ambitious African pilots all under the age of 25. These aviators decided to take action on the common issue that is unemployment, since there are people especially the youth of today who meet the requirements but still wake up unemployed.

The dream-chasers focus on giving back to the African youth as they were fortunate enough to have received aid to get where they are today. “We intend to have a non profit organisation department within our company, where we reach out to government / private schools and disadvantaged local areas to educate and brief young & old individuals about all the different sectors in the aviation industry: Pilots, Aircraft Engineers, ATC (air traffic controller), flight attendant, Instructors etc. We Believe this operation will not just raise awerness about aviation but will also supply inside knowledge of the wide industry”.

Letladi MosenaLETLADI MOSENA a 19-year-old private pilot born & raised in Limpopo Polokwane. Inspired by the first black female pilot by the name of Asnath Mahapa, and wanted to do something different in the family and amongst my friends. “I chose aviation because I want to inspire the young girls so that they can know that pursuing your dreams is very easy for as long as you are determined, disciplined and willing to make sacrifices – that will put you at the top”

“We’re Trying to Build a 100% Black Owned Charter Company with innovative young directors all under the age of 25, invested in creating job opportunities and employing the Youth of Africa”

Kopano Lorrainey MafokoKOPANO MAFOKO a 19 year old from the city of Pretoria is a. A God fearing, compassionate, self-disciplined, meticulous and conscientious young lady. She is a holder of a Private Pilot license currently pursuing her Commercial Pilot license. Her strongest trait is attention to detail as well as a trend as of a consistent character and this has helped her immensely in the field of study. Favorite quote: “we don’t need magic to change the world we carry all the magic inside ourselves already because we have the power to imagine better” which is evident.

Takatso MokgatsaneTAKATSO MOKGATSANE a passionate 20-year-old private pilot, from Lydenburg Mashishing in Mpumalanga Province. Raised by a single mother & comes from a religious, business orientated family who supports him and his dreams. “I have always been fascinated by the immense world of aviation it inspires me” With Cost Being the biggest obstacle and the lack of exposure due to his background, he endeavored in turning what some call a dream into reality. Having the courage & diligence to do what he believes in.

David MatonyaDAVID MATONYA a 22 year old private pilot and aeronautical engineer born in Tanzania, Dodoma region. Raised in a religious family with farming activities, inspired of exploring the world from above, and everything involving aviation. Matriculated at DCT Mvumi secondary in Tanzania, attended aeronautical engineering at UNITED TANZANIA AEROUNATICAL COLLEGE in Dar es salaam Tanzania. “My vision of being a pilot came from my parents flying around the World with me, with God’s blessings and grace I’m about to live the dream life”

Tsepo SeakhoaTSEPO SEAKHOA a 23-year-old commercial and instructor rated pilot from Midrand. Born with a passion for engineering coupled with a hands on personality and inspired by a business orientated family of four who have involed entrepreneurship in me. Matriculated at St Andrews Boys school in the Free State. “I never had the vision of being a pilot after school but halfway into matric my mother suggested aviation and by God’s grace my views from becoming an engineer evolved to being a pilot”

The Young African Aviators are looking for possible private & Government funding sectors who can  invest in their organization and help house their skills under one company.

We also seek to exploit insight knowledge of the various fields, skills offered in the aviation industry.

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  1. my name is devis kyara am a Tanzanian and a youth as you guys. surely i real wish one day to reach my dream of becoming a pilot but the problem is i don’t know what should i do to reach it. its not that a have no ability, but the thing is a don’t have connections and the funds to pay. my fellow you i believe you can help me with this. please guys i kindly ask for your assistance and a big support in this. you can communicate with me through my email address at
    best regards; devis

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