It is often said that it takes a village to raise a child and in this case, the adage could not ring more true. With the help of Gift Ov Life and their expertise in egg donation, it is now possible to have your dream family despite facing issues of infertility. Given the expansion of medicine and technology along with legislation, you now have several options to explore when in hope of building a family of your own.

According to The Children’s Act (2010) of South Africa, the rights of an unborn child is wholly protected as The Act outlines the responsibilities of the intended parents and surrogate mother in depth. Gift Ov Life adheres to these strict regulations underlined below:

Intended parents must domicile in South Africa.

Intended parents must have medical proof of the need for a surrogate mother.

Intended parents must have been psychologically assessed as regards their emotional disposition towards a surrogacy program.

The eggs and sperm of either one or both of the intended parents must be used for conception.

Should both intended parents be male, the intended parents are required to show a female influence in the life of the child.

Intended parents are not discriminated against based on race, relationship status or sexual preference.

Intended parents may not advertise for a surrogate mothers services.

The surrogate mother must domicile in South Africa.

She must undergo a medical and psychological assessment of her suitability to surrogate.

Must have had at least one successful pregnancy.

She must have at least one living child of her own.

She must be prepared to surrogate for altruistic reasons as commercial surrogacy arrangements are not permitted.

A surrogacy agreement must be drawn up.

Both intended parents, the surrogate mother and her partner/ husband must sign the agreement.

The surrogacy agreement with supporting documentation, must be presented to the High court by appropriately commissioned surrogacy attorneys, for the granting of a high court order stating that the surrogacy may proceed.

The granting of a court order results in no adoption of the child, by the intended parents, being necessary.

An Agency may not accept payment for the match and management of Surrogates and Intended Parents.

In addition to this, Gift Ov Life is fully committed to facilitating the egg donation process from start to finish – and beyond. To date, Gift Ov Life has successfully facilitated over 2000 donor to recipient cycles in its 7 years of existence and continue to change lives today. For more information on the process and surrogacy in South Africa, please visit:

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