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A marketing genius, digital guru and entrepreneur Lindo Buthelezi AKA Dogg DBN is a household name in Marketing & PR. As you read through our Q&A you will get to feel & understand the passion in this individual, Dogg is proof that hard work ALWAYS accomplishes something. It might be you learn something.  It might be you build something.  It might be you change something.  But hard work always gets results.

If you are looking for inspiration, if you love branding and if social media fascinates you, I know you will enjoy reading this.

Talk about the importance of brand management. Why does it matter? A brand is like a baby, you basically have to manage every aspect of it, so management is key and it basically will determine if the brand will succeed or fail.

How would you describe your own personal brand?  Raw. Funky. BOLD and unpredictable but reliable.

In as much detail as you can, describe a well-marketed product; There are so many ways to marketing a product that I feel it’s difficult to cover all in a single product. What works for a certain product might not work for some. So for me a well marketed product is a product that reaches its clients effectively and on time plus has traceable clientele growth. The minute your marketing strategy tickets towards positivity – meaning people are aware of it, new people are asking about it, people can identify it from the rest, the brand following is growing and the actual business is making a profit as a result of a marketing campaign – for me these are signs of a well marketed brand or product.

What are some of your favourite marketing campaigns? I’ve done so many successful campaigns that I end up not knowing which ones to choose. But just to mention a few; A) Lvovo – Palesa, I really enjoyed creating that marketing campaign. B) Gwaragwara Caps and the whole Dj Bongz comeback. C) The Distruction Boyz Goes Gold Campaign.

How do you stay updated on the latest tools and trends? Its easy for me to keep updated and aware of things that interest me and relate to my field because I don’t follow too many trends and my interests aren’t scattered all over. I just search the latest releases or updates in my field and Im sorted.

In as much detail as possible, describe a go-to-market strategy that you recently worked on; Distruction Boyz goes Gold. One of the best projects I’ve worked on. I don’t even know where to begin because when I create all these campaigns my mind just enters a trans and what happens during that time I can’t comprehend because my creativity and spirit takes over my whole life. I know this might not make any sense but that’s how I feel.

How do you know when a branding strategy isn’t working? If you’re connected to you work, you can always detect when things aren’t moving. NO social media growth, no public interest, no new or additional profits being drawn towards your brand or business. Those are the first and easy to assess.

Describe the structure of your current team. What are their roles? I have a crazy team of 3 for now, adding more in a few weeks or months. A) Naaps, he is the digital marketing manager B) Ukhataza he does administration and is the engine because he ensures that everything runs smooth, there’s Killa and Ntizo who’ve just joined and still grooming in different positions. Then I have a very close business partner that I just joined forces with Junior Lavie who runs his own company but we joined forces in many projects. Without the people, I’m nothing.

Dogg_DBN with his team #FameUS

Dogg_DBN with his team #FameUS

How do you keep your team motivated in the face of tight deadlines? I communicate everything with them and even though we may differ in any ways, I try to consider and consult with them in almost everything I intend on doing. Plus we joke around a lot so it’s easy to be motivated in an environment where there is no tension. So communication, honesty and humor are key.

Describe a time you gave a colleague constructive criticism; I was just criticizing Killa about a mistake he did at work, I simply said what I saw was lacking and offered a solution. Problem persisted and that is a sign of a weakness of the required skill for that particular task, which is not a bad thing but it is now my task to sit down and look at other avenues he excels and we capitalize on his strengths.

Your team doesn’t agree with your direction. How do you handle it? We communicate and decide as a team, if I’m out voted then we have to try what they are suggesting. I have the best team work with my team in action.

What kinds of clients have you worked with? Mostly entertainers but now going into corporate.

What would you do if your most important client hated your work? Listen where I went wrong, fix that and make client happy. This is non negotiable.

Which people or books have had the most influence on your growth and why? My recent book is “Way of the wolf” By Jordan Belfort, one of the greatest marketing minds of our time.

Talk about the biggest failure you’ve had. What did you learn from it? I can’t even pick one because I fail ALL THE TIME, in a year I have more failures than wins BUT I WILL NEVER STOP TRYING BECAUSE I LEARN A LOT FROM MY FAILURES THAN I DO FROM MY WINS.

What has been your biggest customer success story? Why do you think it was a success? I’d rather I skip that one because I’m going to say all artists I manage and drop albums under my management win awards and people will think I’m bragging.

What does a typical day in your week look like? A MESS. I honestly can’t cope without the help of my team, balancing family, my personal life and hectic business commitments is not easy. All credit to my team Naaps, Khathaza, Ntizo, and Killa.

What keeps you going when things get tough in your business? My family. That’s my ultimate inspiration.

Dogg_DBN with Business Partner, Junior Lavie

Dogg_DBN with Business Partner, Junior Lavie

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