By: Sandy Nene

How would you cope if you were to feel so sick during mid-high school that you had to drop off? While you are still thinking about that situation let me tell you a story. Knowing that most people, especially the youth do not seem to understand Ubungoma or the Tradional Healing process and having to obey your calling – I hope you gain some knowledge after reading.

Ntuzuma born 21 year old Kwanele Mkhize says becoming a Sangoma did not stop her from following her dream of becoming a model.

It was early 2013 at just grade 11 when Kwanele had to go to Initiation School and follow her calling.

“This was the most difficult time of my life. I did not know or understand what was going on with me, I lost some of my closest friends and I felt devastated all the time. I was just a teen, still enjoying high school and boom my lifestyle changed within a blink of an eye” Kwanele explains.

“But through it all, I am grateful to my family for being there – especially my sister, she made sure she held my hand and we walked every path together. She made me feel normal again, she emphasised how special I was to receive the calling”

In 2016 Kwanele Graduated from Initiation School and says it was then when she lived her best life. Kwanele returned to her home with so much knowledge and felt rich emotionally and spiritually.

“From a young age I have always aspired to become a model, growing up most people told me I would not make it because of my height, but after Initiation School I had gained so much confidence and believe nothing is impossible as long as you dedicate yourself to something”


Apart from working as a Traditional Healer, Kwanele has been collaborating with various photographers for LookBooks and has done a fashion show with Sandy Nene Media, 3rd Line Boutique, Fashion Cafe, Redy Glass and 1KZN TV. When I asked about her plans for 2018 she looked at me with an exciting face and said she is enrolling in a Beauty School to study Beauty Therapy.

“2018 is my year, I am taking my modeling to the next level and there is so much that I have planned, I don’t want to say much but people should watch the space” she concluded.


Find Kwanele on Facebook as Mkhize Kwanele Thonga.

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