By: Nosipho Ntombela

Many call him “Classic”, but this young man who was born and raised in a place called KwaShange in Pietermaritzburg, was named Mhlengi  Thabiso  Mafu.

As young man who always had passion for writing, Mhlengi says part of him always knew that he was going to be a writer.

‘’My writing talent was really discovered at an early age by my teachers and I started entering writing competitions and Debating under the CDA in UKZN,’’ said Mafu.

More than any other thing Mhlengi is a writer who’s also a stylist with so much love for fashion, media and people.  He describes himself as an Inspirational, powerful and Classic human.

Mhlengi studied Journalism as a first profession. He is a Journalism Graduate from the Durban University of Technology (DUT).  Mhlengi said that the reason he studied Journalism was because he wanted it to shape hi writing talent.

 “It’s basically serves as an umbrella for my love for media because I’ve also worked on radio. I recently added a Bachelor degree in PR and Communication inside my bag of qualifications,” he added.

When asked about his book that he recently published, Mhlengi’s face lighted up and then said, “My book The Scriptures of Motivation is a tool that serves as a push factor in empowering the mind towards implementation of ideas. We often have great ideas but we never implement them because we are not positive enough or we are not inspired enough to do so. This is not only a spiritual development but also a great business book especially the last few Chapters since they can teach you a lot about building a brand and a company. This book changes your level of thinking and gives you positive ideas.”

Besides Mhlengi’s love for pen and paper, he says he was motivated by the fact that writing was now a profession. Mhlengi says he was motivated and inspired by the idea of knowing that he can use his talent to change and motivate the way people think through writing.

Though he had challenges along the way like all other writes, Mhlengi’s biggest challenge was always time and striking a balance between his academics, work and writing the book.  But the sleepless nights and early mornings paid him lifetime insurance.

Between time and consistency, Mhlengi chooses consistency as he believes it can take you anywhere.   

‘’Being consistent to your work for me I think it’s something that can take you far.  I think it is the reason this project went so far,’’ he explained.

Mhlengi also said his confidence has made things happen for him.  He said, “I can walk into a room and change everything through my confidence.  Listen I use to be very shy but I developed confidence along the way so I’d say my confidence has helped me out a lot in my career.”

2020 is around the corner and Mr Classic says he sees himself getting married that was before he said he was kidding, and killing all the hopes the single ladies excluding myself had.  We wish him all the best as he says he has more books to write.

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