By: Onawanda Mpanza

SINDI2010 was a huge year for South Africa. The World cup had landed on our shores and it was tremendous and mind blowing. A great time to be alive but 2010 didn’t just bring us the World Cup, we also got to know Sindi Nene. The petite young lady, that had blonde hair and an extra ordinary personality and powerful voice. One can never truly forget her, if you had a chance to see her doing her thing on stage. You will know exactly why she is so unforgettable. She was the perfect example of ‘dynamite comes in small packages.’ She got a standing ovation from Randall and was saved from elimination by the judges.

Now she is back with a bang, with a new self titled album Sindi. Currently doing the Divas love tour with Chomee and Khanya Greens.

I am so glad you have made a come back. Are you as excited as most of us are about it? Yes, I’m very excited, mostly because I know that I’m determined to do and approach things differently this time around.

Are you bringing back that same dazzle that we fell in love with on Idols? I’m definitely coming back with a great amount of energy, and you can expect even more cause over the years I’ve matured as an individual, as an artist and as a young black woman in our diverse South Africa.

Regarding the previous album you had mentioned that you rushed it’s production. How long did you take to write and produce this one? We started recording in July 2017, however the writing and creative process began over four years when I challenged myself to compose and write a hundred songs. The music is technically 29 years old, as it tells my life story.


Your album is self titled. What inspired you to do so? The lyrics themselves are a reflection of my life, surroundings, inspirations and struggles. I was so involved in the production process of this album and feel that it’s the first ever album to truly reflect who I am as Sindi Nene.

I love the idea of the Divas’ love tour. It screams women power and so relevant to now. How did it come about? Came about when Arthur and I were busy discussing ways in which we can promote and sell the album. Arthur suggested that we include Khanya, then later Chomee. I immediately loved the idea. It reminded me of what Cassper Nyovest has been doing with artists that have been working with him, within his circle. When we finally met with the girls we thought the idea was absolutely genius. Girls ‘divas’ working together to better themselves and each other through music is something no one has done so far in SA and we are truly blessed to have met each other.

Have you shared the stage as yet with the other two ladies? So far we have been sharing radio station microphones and chairs. Very soon we will be sharing a stage as we are soon announcing our live performance dates. So people should watch out for that!

What would you say stands out for you personally about the tour? The way people have received us so far has been absolutely amazing. A whole lot more than what we had anticipated and it’s absolutely inspiring to know that we have their love and support.

Which cities have you toured and will be touring? We started at the end of Jan with Newcastle, went on to Pietermaritzburg, then Durban and Qwaqwa. This week we are doing Botswana and are very excited.

Has Chomee been teaching you any dance moves in between your travels? Haha, yeah but eish dancing and I aren’t such good friends haha. It takes a great amount of time, technique and energy for me to get it right.

For the fans that have always loved you, what can you promise them this year, forward? I promise to give my best in every thing I do this year related to my music and career in general. No more breaks. I will hustle, strategize and make it work no matter what.

We wish you nothing but success and are waiting in bated breath to hear more of your music and to be blown away by your vocals. Amandla to the divas love tour, knock it off the park.

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