By: Phila Duma

While one could easily give up on love after contracting HIV from a previous relationship, Oziel could not resist the charm, beauty and the spiritual lifestyle of his dear wife. Nompumelelo distinctively managed to knock him off his feet.


Their friendship of 4 years later turned into relationship goals when they sealed their first kiss at one of the famous parks in Durban. And years later Nompumelelo still describes the event as the most precious one in her lifetime.

Like any other couple, the Mdletshes experienced their fair share of setbacks but always managed to conquer against all odds. And with the excellence they do their jobs, one cannot help but wonder how do they stay being relationship envy.


Kwa-Zulu-Natal knows that if you’re looking for a couple to speak at a love seminar, Oziel and Nompumelelo Mdletshe is your duo. The love birds work hand in hand as motivational speakers and are a great influence in the matters of the heart.

Not even Oziel’s HIV positive status could be barrier enough to deprive Nompumelelo from being with her husband. Being in possession of great knowledge was enough to tackle the stigma surrounding HIV for her. She admits although her decision of being with an HIV positive man spiked a lot of distasteful conversations, she vowed that she would not live her life based on other people’s expectations. And as such had to let go of many of her friends in the name of love. “Some of my friends had their own expectations about who should fall in love with, so I had to cut them off.” said Nompumelelo.

The inspiring couple say their secret potion to their successful marriage is a combination of communication, forgiveness and prioritizing love. Although Oziel and Nompumelelo don’t have kids, they believe their parenthood will happen in God’s perfect time.

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