By: Elesi Azumah

In one of Durban’s interactive night clubs, Kulture hosted what had to be the trendiest event “THE 031” has experienced thus far which was the Closeup Valentines Party on the 17th of February.

The attention to detail and eccentric atmosphere oozed a vibe that tied up everything together from the; VIP area which was set up to perfection, SOMA (School of Makeup Artistry) Artiste’s ‘face beating’ competition participants (which consisted of a grand prize to Mozambique) and the opportunity to rub shoulders with larger than life Vlogger/ Closeup Influencer Lasizwe Dambuza were just one of many highlights within the evening.

By 11pm all you could see was a mixture of ‘cool kids’, #makeyourmove messages as the order of the night and a hint of fresh breathe in the air. Closeup has undoubtedly started a bold trend and this is just the beginning for the brand.

The campaign is summed up of three key hashtags that are indicated towards ‘breaking barriers’; aimed at free spirited individuals who are comfortable with their choices and sexual preferences. Couples were interviewed and encouraged to #getcloseup and #dontjudgejustkiss- no matter who you are attracted to by internet sensation Lasizwe, which in-turn sent out a positive aura about acceptance and had blooming individuals being comfortable with who they are not forgetting the level of affection.

Brand Influencer Lasizwe aka Babes Wama Leyvels shared an insightful piece on his personal journey with Closeup and how excited he is to be a part of an international brand.

“It’s a huge privilege and honour being part of this; personally I think I was hand-picked by huge executives. Closeup is not just a local brand but international as well so being told, ‘hey we really want you to be part of this campaign’ is heart-warming and heartfelt. This means my work doesn’t fall on empty ears”.

On the topic of personal sentiments, Lasizwe speaks of his commitments and future endeavours with the brand saying; “We should break boundaries and allow people to be who they are, like the acceptance of same sex relationships. Let us not judge and have fun with one another and love whole-heartedly”.

Out of curiosity, one had to find out “Babes Wama Leyvels” expectations for the year, with a subtle yet bold statement he said, “I can’t speak much about my plans, but there is a motto I live by which says; Don’t announce your plans, let you plans announce themselves”.

Ending the interview on a high note, a small gift was given as a token of appreciation by South African Bloggers. The Valentines party was an amazing experience, with delicious ‘grub’ and bottle service at our disposal by the awesome Nicole Ogle from On Point PR, not forgetting goodies bag with every essential item you need for fresh breathe and the opportunity to live vicariously for one night whilst dancing the night away is just a reminder that Closeup is here to conquer the social sphere by storm and change the game in 2018.

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