By: Zama Khumalo

Take time to think about this: A go getter woman, a master chef in the kitchen, passionate about nature, a finalist at the Miss Earth South Africa contest, soon to get married to a professional racer! Definitely, not a combination many think is likely to work. But hey, Roxanne and James Egan have proved us all wrong.  That their relationship has lasted for a good solid ten years is proof enough that it’s up to you and your partner how you make your love work.

James says he never really got to talking to her but when he finally did and found out as to the type of person she is, he thought “Wow, she is hot, fun and smart, she definitely must be a unicorn!” This sense of humor definitely caught Roxanne’s attention. She loves that he is a passionate and a thoughtful person. She says about him, “The man is the ying to my yang”.

Taking the decision, to leave the home country behind to live in another was the choice Roxanne had been faced with, as she had been away from the love of her life for over three years.  James adds, “I couldn’t live without her anymore. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder”.  When Roxanne finally arrived in her new home in London, she knew she had made the right decision. What was funny was that nothing had changed between them. In fact, their love had become stronger than ever.

Both of them, can strongly say that their families understood the decision taken by the couple and in fact gave them their blessings, as they were confident their love would stand against the test of time.

Roxanne expresses her fond recollection of their travel experiences, by listing them, “Travelling to Europe together in 2012, going white water rafting through the Austrian mountains together and, attending a very smart motor racing event in England called “Goodwood”. Basically, I was treated and felt like a celebrity the whole weekend. James was a driver for some classic bikes and we were in the VIP driver lounge with very famous sports stars and actors and the lead singer of the band Kiss”.

James definitely attests to this as well and adds on, “Buying our very first home was the cherry on top”.  Having this whirlwind of a romance is not easy to say the least. Other than dealing with the distance relationship, there is this element of dealing with your partner’s flaws as well. “James likes everything to be set perfectly and is super clean. It’s really awesome but sometimes he gets annoyed at my messy ways”, Roxanne laments. “Nevertheless, James is surprisingly understanding! “Nothing about me drives her crazy, it’s more that house renovations drive her crazy because she cares so much about our home”.

Roxanne and James are living this on a daily basis and cannot wait to see more of the world and enjoy the proverbial “live happily ever after life together.”

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