By: Zama Khumalo

Close your eyes, take a trip down memory lane as you took to the dance floor. Imagine your high school sweetheart beckoning in the distance. With each step, your heart pounding faster and faster, causing cold perspiration to trickle down your spine. As you take each other’s hands and dance to your favourite tune, your hands interlocked, your eyes gazing intently at each other’s, you can feel right there and then in the depths of your soul that your forever is meant to be with this person! You know, there is this special connection that only the two of you can understand as you take to the dance floor among the sea of people whose physical presence slowly fades to oblivion, leaving the two of you enjoying each other’s embrace. Each touch, each word between the two of you a sacred code that only the two of you live and breathe.

Years down the line, you are standing in front of your forever, except this time, it’s in front of a group of individuals celebrating your special union. These have come to bless you with nothing but love. They want you to carry on being a living testimony of what true love is all about. Yes, indeed, to those gathered here, Nicolle and Tristain Kirk, are a living testament of the ultimate meaning of love.

“Tristain told me he was taking me away for a surprise weekend. I had no idea where we were going until almost the very last minute. He had booked us in at my FAVOURITE place in the Drakensburg. We would also go hiking! Back in our room there was champagne waiting for us!” Nicole mentions with a beaming smile on her face. She continues to add “Honestly, it’s an incredible feeling to know that finally you’ll be with your best friend and partner for the rest of your life, through tough and great times”.

It is not easy finding a person who will love you for who you are. I mean, taking the good and bad in his stride. What makes Nicolle and Tristain unique was that they both decided they wanted to travel the world together. Leaving their comfortable surroundings in South Africa, they took it upon themselves to take a leap of faith and make their bond even stronger than before. That was easy for Tristain’s family, as they encouraged them to travel and create memories. For Nicolle, it wasn’t an easy task as her family was a bit sceptical of the idea but overtime they warmed up to it.

“I didn’t persuade her to pack her bags and travel the world with me, we decided together that we wanted to explore the world more before we settle into ‘adult life’” Tristain explains with such excitement. His happiest travel experience was going to Germany for the Bier fest. Nicolle chimes in that one of her most beautiful travel experiences was going to the exquisite Cinque Terre in Italy.

As far as Nicolle and Tristain are concerned, the main ingredients for a lasting loving relationship are definitely being patient, kind and understanding. “No one is perfect really; however, you have to find the right person that will understand you. Surely, that is a recipe the for an everlasting love story”, they conclude with a smile.


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