By: Simone Gobin

Image: Zanele Muholi

So embracing the month of love (and my birthday month; whoop, whoop!), we are featuring lovely couple Mapule Ngobese & Thandeka Sivusumuzi Ngobese. The lesbian couple officially tied the knot with a beautiful wedding that took an amazing 5 years to plan! With Mapule being a pastor, some (not all), religious groups have had strong opinions about Mapule’s religious activities and refuse to participate in them. This doesn’t seem to get the couple down, with agreeing that love has been the cornerstone of their relationship and that they both understand their respective roles in each others’ lives. Although February is the month of love, Mapule is not really a big believer in Valentines day however, Thandeka is. So Mapule agrees to atleast catch a bite out on the town.

Thandeka knew of Mapule before they had met through a radio show that Mapule was doing before she joined Inanda 88.4 FM. She made the first move and took Mapule out for lunch and love blossomed from there. Although Thandeka made the first move, Mapule evened it out by being the one to pop the question and of course, Thandeka said YES.

Their family has been great in accepting them, loving them and respecting them wholeheartedly. It took 5 years to plan their dream wedding and as they remember this day, they describe it as everything they ever wanted and also recall, a whole bunch of excitement.

The great and inspirational couple have plans for a little one and they are already raising 5 teens and 2 young adults. They also have great and business oriented couple goals and would like to build their M&T brand as well as grow their café’s in all Kasi places. They are also planning to go for print with their online magazine; UNIQ Magazine SA. Can someone say #powercouple?

Many people that are of different sexualities feel lonely around this time because some are afraid of what the world will think of them, they are also afraid of what the world will DO to them. The couples advice is simple; Find your purpose, Seek Knowledge of Creation & Seek God. Never do anything to please other people and risk your own happiness! Love yourself too much and then you will attract the same.

With great couple goals, plans to extend their family and love as the cornerstone of their relationship, I really can’t think of a better and more inspirational couple for this month of love. Breaking social barriers takes courage and this wonderful love story proves to be an inspiration for those that are afraid to let their true selves shine!

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