African Renaissance Unity (ARU) is a newly registered political party. ARU represents South Africans, Traditional Communities and the Traditional Leadership. ARU is an intervention mechanism to restore the dignity of our people and give them the chance to heal and prosper. ARU is the collective authority of the people of South Africa led by their traditional leadership. It:

• emphasises the role of the traditional leadership as it is interwoven in the social fabric of South Africa;
• brings together the inherited wisdom, vision, and compassion, embracing all the people who are living in South Africa;
• promotes the shared interest of the collective and individual in good governance and sustainable development for a better future;
• endeavours to achieve the unity of the people of South Africa;
• embraces the diversity of the people of South Africa, their cultures, religions, and various belief systems;
• acknowledges the value of women and the youth and their participation in restoring the legacy and culture and promoting the future of South Africa;
• recognises the right of the people to overcome the malicious injustice of the colonial past which continues to inflict pain and suffering on the people of South Africa;
• admits that the role of leadership positions within institution of traditional leadership as pronounced in the Act has been limited for two decades;
• willingly accepted the limitation to give the current political structure the opportunity to achieve its goals;
• however, observes with concern the degenerating political, social, cultural, and economic trends, which are orientated by Eurocentric approach serving neo-colonialism;
• therefore, undertakes to and reclaims its role in the political, social, cultural, and economy, to reset all deficient manifestations of the current political structures;
• Furthermore, reclaims its authority to provide leadership for South Africa, as it is the original leadership of the people of South Africa.

This is a glorious day in which ARU presents a proposal for people of South Africa to restore their faith in South Africa’s governance. ARU undertakes to deal with the colonial syndrome which has been inflicting pain and suffering on our people. Successive governments of the new dispensation have failed for more than two decades to bring the hope of a restorative, egalitarian and non-sexist society as enshrined in the Constitution. These successive governments have been dented by corruption, nepotism, incompetency, plundering the resources and the wealth of the country, and on top of that they have been colonial exigencies. The ARU believes that “these governments have turned our institutions to for a for hooliganism, undermining the chapters of the constitution and the interest of the people, and consequently dehumanising the people and further segregating the society. For example, citizens been witnessing the state of the parliament, which has become a wrestling ring. We never elected these MP’s with such a mandate. They have proven to all societies that they are not statesmen, rather their actions are that of hooliganism.”


The ARU will focus on the human as an asset of this nation. “We will be involved in nurturing South Africans from birth to empower all our citizens to become productive and competent partners in capacity building (capacity building means all economic sectors in this global village which is equipped with advanced technology), says His Majesty King Mthimkhulu III. ARU undertakes to find solutions to look after the elders and vulnerable people. ARU is empowered by a think tank which is setting various short, medium and long-term policies to address all the challenges facing our people and restore the damages of apartheid and the successive governments thereto.

ARU is running for election 2019 and we are a government in waiting.

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